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Universal Common Information System.

Some pages for truth, a truth? An exploration in meme regurgitations and ideas including: Life as a simulated reality; the supposed blue dolicocephalic cone-headed almond eyed flat faced beings; as-well as free will, consensus reality, comparative religion, Freemasonry, plus more.

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0. Sacred shapes in urban design: A Journey out of dis-information and Ignorance concerning Freemasonry and the so-called new world order.

1. The alphabet backwards and the consensus reality.

2. Simulated reality: A theory of life 'with-in' life.

3. Notes on: 2.; - and other possibilities.

3.x. notes on 2-b.; - extended: Including free will and the comparative religions connection.

4. Language: Symbols and voice; scribbles and noise; their cognitive connections.

5. An end to sacrifice: Sacred societies in a new world order.

6. The cybernetic experience: From the posit of the first experienced world.

7. Cosmic consciousness: How to become more aware of your cosmic mind.

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Myth is mind, mind is myth, and all of us are the teller, cascaded and cascading shapes of all (the) forms of energy; the frequency shapes felt (sensed - near fractal tonal layers of direct use/used relationships), the frequency shapes un-felt (un-sensed - the possible if/ultra paradigm (imagined/?), are us, all shapes of ear and snout, all shapes of vibration; hard/soft/large/small/light/dark, are us, organ and surround, imagined infinite quiet and loud (infinity; the great potential of all/us (vis/we)/so/yes and be). In all our cosmic journeys, everything is true, everything you think about and are introduced to to be thought about; should be dealt with equally and honestly until there is non distraction, only clarity, even a painful clarity of truth is possibly preferred to a dull un-ease of the so called 'doubt'-'complacent' paradigm. Something is either true and good/right used or semantically/act-fully aligned to a mis-use form. When something is unclear, that is a doing work for cosmic progress until irrelevance/clarity of subject/object is reached. Be clean/free/non-knowing of any discouragement/pathology in word and deed forms; of your own memory/thoughts and by others memory/thoughts (even including this very text). Be whole. Be kind and understanding of yours and others journey through the up-sets and pro-blems we face time to time. Perhaps/maybe sometimes we are just non in a helpful/healthy mood, sometimes it may/can feel(/s) like the 'beast' (base instincts out of sync with (the) refined 'modernity' (of (the)) is/now of population condensations (civilization is the beast restrained, squeezing the isness into liquid moving consensual 'prisoning' shapes of concrete/law (on every level where anyway relevant/external irrelevant issue yet still true to the whole in/at a time fashion, a simulated mimicry of time experience or non, your mind is alive in time yah/nor))) is stirring with(in) us or the 'angel' (''Heavenly' messenger', heaven meaning sky/outer-space/other dimension?) is leading us to the 'heights' of moral teaching/being/isness. Do be clear from discouragement, and do be free from/of 'others'/'yourself' distract/corrupt/confuse you either by word or deed and the memories and feelings of word and deed (and the possible other modes of communique (even including this very text, let this text be a non harming issue)), this/these text/s reside/are beside you, they do non harm you, read them as fellows guiding, read them as they are intended, true and out-there (literally/actually/scriptive figures of truth/time, burning and cooling, fast and stopped). The 'beast' and the 'angel' are one. Even the 'angel' is part 'beast', - semantical expressions of duality/polarity in a total perceived system is the key/way to/of all. All life is welcome here, let us to-gether help each other to truely great and awesome righteously good/moral heights in all ways possible. Truth is the only truth; in deed/thought only truth is truth. Live/move on and in and of ('off' or 'of' meaning an observing be-side (and indeed in/out/all-around-ness) this great com-bined/com-duital whole cosmic way we live with/in/out/on and all-around (a shape)-ness, fields of dot, worm and plane (sometimes simulated (likeness) (veiled)).

My life has been threatened more than once on my journey, such is the cost of the truth.

7. Cosmic consciousness: How to become more aware of your cosmic mind.

How to think cosmically”.

God is a virus from outer space. The prime-evil god native to this planet (Ki) trans muted, just as any culture trans-mutes when exposed to a introduced higher culture. The pre-existing God/culture's destruction, alteration, and assimilation is unavoidable and irreversable, no matter what illusions are put into place or treaties created.

One must quickly - yet reasonably - accept the new world that is created and is constructed, by the cosmos, for the cosmos, all layers, and in all directions.

The universe will unfold as it should”.

The currently occluded (circa 2012) blue dolichocephalic beings, who are the reality behind many ideas of “God”, want us to have new inventions and indeed new intentions. God hides so are we to emerge in God's place? Which will be a hidden place, thus secret orders, secret governments, secret societies.

To think cosmically, to achieve a cogniscent cosmic outlook - rather than a unconscious background silent “knowing” - one must attune oneself and gain mastery of to the great archetypal models of the world, models of the worlds workings and of the great cosmos itself. We must be post apex of these things, and we must be kin to the great archetype. Perception control theory can assist in this process of - wait for it - gaining super human powers. The world, the reality, the cosmos, is made up of only a handful fundamental truthes, these being: Transeince, complexity (inter-connectness), and redistribution (re-birth). That these make up the mechanistic meaning of life, which otherwise is of course thusly: The meaning of life, is life itself”. Though one of course may have arranged some more individual “meanings” in details relevant to one's own life.

The meaning of life, is life itself.”

It's funny how the negation of a thing, can lead to a reinforcement or a strengthening of the thing being negated. Is this a side door glimpse at a major yet unknown working of the universal cosmic rythyms?

Solace, the sad soothing to beness? Angel star tellers speaking of the ins and outs of natural doings, and sophist travesties? There is a place where we are always making love.

And this author has literally run to the hills, and found there the space and freedom to over come the ever busy “monkey mind”. But I was lonely, and in truth even in coming down to the valleys and plains, I am stil lonely. But now I have the wonderful memories of sweet cool clean mountain streams that did run over my feet and did quench my thrist, and of those high green canopies of fern and other majestic and royal flora.

Forget the hard to understand intricacies of micro-machines built by other machines, the human mind's tangible relationship with tech ended with the mill and clock-work. Now we just 'do' and 'use' with the machines, we do non 'machine the machines' any longer? Even the designers and engineers of our new tech non longer actually touch the tech? They see and touch through machines to build the new machines. This is an allegory.

Yes the flies, the flies; yes the blue, the blue. And the grass, is the grass, and the blue is the blue still. And the recording of a human voice, a voice? The recording of a flute, a flute? Cyber-cosmic treachery, but it is true, it is true, the likenesses of reality are true, in that they are false. Thus the limited mind, and our limited works. Interposed, haploidal, proxy, simulacra.

The control of limits; see everything as polarities; everything is drugs.

There is no opposite to drugs... man.”

Walking, talking, sitting, and still you find the layers and levels of mind, a mystery? In world of the people, most is illusion; ignorant imprints from the fast and forgetful and impulsive juven state. Learn silence while you are still young, if old learn silence too – but be loving host to assistance when needed – we will take great care with our words, words create worlds. Words are the wyrding way that construct so much passionate pathos, but what of joy, what constructs joy? Do words construct joy? Do actions make joy? What of fate?

What of space, AOT (Areas of transience), what of mass, MASM (More and stable mass), what of joy, what of sadness. The joy and the sadness that soothes the illusion inside of us. The distraction always must be destroyed (destructured / deconstructed). Never fear for lack of structure in your lives, all is structure, the only thing to fear is inattention. Non attention will kill you quicker than a thousand executionor's axes!

Just be atomic masses; just be interfeeding, inter-redistributing atomic mass, that is all you have to be. Sure feeding, breeding, shelter, and our entertainments; but just be pure, and clean, and simple atomic mass. Forget and dissolve all those rediculous notions we humans have generated and inherited, forget them all, and just be lovely, flowing, interfeeding simple atomic mass. For that is what we are, dimensional entities, of mass, action and thought, buzzing around the cosmos, metamorphing into infinity. Yes, yes, even the stars are thinking about us tonight. I love you.

6. The cybernetic experience: From the posit of the first experienced world.

Vision of version, version of vision. The electronic screen and the electronic speaker; externalising and augmenting our cognitive arrangements. Further than book, further than the spoken laws, though same as picture? To draw up an internet file, to refer to a G.P.S. navigation device; augmented intelligence, or a diminished one? The human mind or brain contains so much potential, so many possible connections, more than a million lifetimes can measure. I experience a great illogic when referenceing a likeness; though ideas can be expressed via the likeness, there are distortions of manifested paradigms of misuse, of warp. It is not the shapes of understanding that we refer to, but the externalised use of memory forms. What changes to our possible evolution will this dis-use and replacement of our memory incur? Be it pixel or ink, the input is always in-front of the face, so is cyber experience just a superficial change of input, non really being a real change at all? The senses milked for inputs delayed; will technology be so close to the senses as to the difference between ones own thoughts and externally introduced augmentations of/for thought be non noticed? Drawing up stored data information for perusal, will our 'organic' memory die, replaced by mech-tech, the technological devour will be complete!? Transhumanism eaten by exocortex devices, the brain in the box revolts, will non sully death's gifts no more. Post human exploits of a logic undreamed? Individual's scream be dim cloud of avarice, the technological devour will go on unhearing, etherial circuits of space-time fabric will glide on entropy stopping planes of autistic needs for an ever returning universe disbelief. False moons, fake planets, ersatz stars, it is us who evolve this way, on k time-scale development, stagnant renaming types, only a righteous destruction will bring forth new names and values. But only the galaxy has the will to destroy us in a meaningful way, asteroids of real change, will they give us a chance for it to be any other way? Tell all the world's killers to kneel before virus plagues of change, the world's killers are reaction machines of idealogical slavery, they will non bring revelation. The new sight will be dynamic institutions of glowing particles of health, true need and a righteous advance. Progress processes, we are blind, only bacteria's will is pure, our lord bacteria, S-A-R-11 the most 'successful' living organism on earth, does non feel the need to technologically advance, humans then are the agents for interstellar trans-semination, via the genetic machine capability. Fabrix augmentus,

Beastly feedback to the angel's course, brown zone of red-haired memory. Melanine tumble and spew and stretch to a newer goal, of low creature type reactionism. Weather and pond, lick flys and breed, lick slime and scream for the golden future again. Language without tongues, toads without reason, summer-time without a sun, or close by star. Video plug, unplug, and plug, close your true eyes to ministries of lies and false realities, of moral traps and higher ground perversions, free me from this abyss of self deception, stop the image, free the soul. Kill the novice pilots of governmental streams, embrace the mess of original life. An untampered evolution is astonishing.

Give me dream where I am in some way con-current to the cone-heads, if only for a moment. Blue tech teacher of my sailing mind, control the vessal of your soul's rapturous voyage through I non know what, colours and fields of various resistances, illusionary pressures on the mind and body, but where is my body, in what guise are the true co-ordinates of my soul. Inter-fractal con-soul, inner-period mind-life linkages, death it and birth it and see it's chemical chain like illusions -- illusions which are the only truth. Colours and other various pressures, moving, always moving into other para-realities of fractal co-ordinating sums of the surely once primementa samsara, and that may of been a open system where time is as alien as the idea of a circle is to infinity, the observer paradigm is naturally and inherently insane. System angel, messages of grace to the wide eyed wide eyed, enter my trying virtue, what who cares, I try none the less. Participants us all, we search for the glowing transmutable gateway, that will lead us to a new world, or maybe even a new universe. Try and void the languages we have, what does reality look like then, colourful and screaming inter-connected messes of various patterned pressures, substance and dance, what or who is alpha god materialis? The process is all, possibly forever transcient, shifting mutable grains of energies in a background of potentials, I think of the word and idea of 'chance', I think of the word and idea of 'infinity'. Welcome a world of never knowing the little details, but being able to percieve the reflection of ultimate truth, ultimate knowing of the shape outline to absolute realities of dancing dust, powerful dust, beautiful dust, intelligent dust, intercoursal dust, god dust, star dust, me dust, you dust.

Orders of composition, epistemology, ethics, language/languaging (1), ourselves and others abled do's; relationship other, mind warp bother, non really, only jokes, or am i? Orders within orders, trace memory, future and past, to a complex hide from those who harm the ego's soothing solaced cosmic nexual slice. Paradigm electronic mech, push, socket love, 'unplug' thy simulated notions of warped connections mindedness’s, unconnect thyself from image of image maddening crowd illusionary unfortunate normalities; two, I write two, twice, such is our sometimes folding symmetrical selves. Appearances of the nexus domain, what is attractive, and what is repulsive? Mind games to switch that which we find attractive, and that which we find repulsive, what then? Stereo nostalgia, 5.1 surround sound system, connection, but again distraction? Relationships hierarchical power wolf pack (subhuman, ignorant) meme game, true or false. Mana sour note to the lad in the watching crowd? Sour feelings for overhuman's audience indeed, with absence of love as key to their distracted small reaction? Capitalist unlove, money is a lie, brown bear defecates on sand. Structural ecology background movements, in-tide alone, remember the nexus form!

Action, again my do is nostalgic tragedy, happiness in ear, eye, cunt and phallus touches, happiness in reversed mass distractions? Vibrate my brain, touch my mind you conjurers of the constructed time waster!? Death and cosmic dust forever. Blue gods fight hidden blushes, planet moon cultural a defence for repeating everything? Definition feats and items, oh my archetype mask writings will kill my pain, will they nullify the pain (mine) of others, and their pain too? Reach, reach far, reach towards the truth that was taken and hid, many generations of monetary distortion of our rumbling, rustling, land and forests. Who owns what exactly, just lies, or unjust lies I should state. My own currency, stamps, flag, borders, stabbing weapons, deathing projectiles?

Intercourse memory and relevance’s, cyber god; adapt, another layer of illusion, repetition my probing and being probed soul, big and small distances; time, mass and I am alive, and my essences very much more so. Again I write, part of forever, my true essences be. Aparting my control atomic, ego, in water of ego. Anyonic infinity in all directions, model for any number of relativistic paths and transits? 2, 1, the sprouting zero, there is much potential here, in language, ideas, and combustion. The animated consciousness replaced by a more 'outside' affair, that of matter moving within smaller and larger cosmic entities, that mass that is you will never go away?

Loop and death in samsaric feed-back, forward on own patterned binary dialectic, machine and flesh, quantum mind chain, multisource input output relationships. Adaptive change models, non sleep in samsara's lulling bosom, break free, and commit the new ritual. Circuit mirror paradigm, battery positive, negative; slang is rest, from fascist linguistic laws. Thinking without a language? Variable control, level, layer, inter-connect; drop, cruise, inter-play. Research evolve, psychologic environs, measured test protocols, perception noise, weight and balance of things in a space, word or wood, colour, shelf or cabinet. Wipe and overwrite our cognitive maps, what has been learned - in meme and mimicry, unconscious and other - can be altered and even unlearned in a way. Source distortion, when source is always with us; the distraction from source, the world's greatest evil/excess? Activate the 'higher' self! Solve issues via the 'higher' self! Cybernetic blur, system and tech, bio-tools and linguistic meme sufferers, alight with trouble, wish for state of emergence, the emergency will kill the common trouble issues. The chaotic gesture from on high ('stahher') will shatter any problem. ZWANG!

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5. An end to sacrifice: Sacred societies in a new world order.

Displays of Vegetal memory forms in the genetic societal evolution. Astro-logical naturally occurring devinance showing the inter-connectedness of all things. Rumours of virus, plague, words, motions of cosmic forces. Covenants between authority, violence, secrets and ignorance and the status quo being cascading paradigms of master-servant/teacher-pupil relationships. The grass, trees, rocks and rain display our inter-connectness just as much as the stars and planets, this is how and why we must be mindful of each-other being equal, under all the gravitational strains, we are equal. More categories of (a) wild woods law.

"...with the inevitable result of an over-crowded population in which some must be eliminated. Who those eliminated are depends upon who are weakest and who are strongest in the competition which necessarily ensues." - John Foster Dulles, former U.S.A. Secretary of State, 1953-59.

The stars above, the flowers below, the worms beneath. The master has left, leaving only a strata of acts/role-plays in the relevancies of same and other connections. Certain authorities only have authority over the things they have authority over, if you can live your life filled with things of your own devise and authority and ways, then you will have no authority over you in those matters of your own, and you will be free. There can be non authority over a human being, only the authorities own subjects is there the authority paradigms. The social contract is natural, coming out of the naturalness of the natural laws, the life that we are a part of came before so called 'authority', there is only inter-related and co-working energy structures, the yolk of societies doing. Distance of the cage, of the hunt. Paranoia propaganda. Etching ownership onto free forms the so called free forms, the so called ownership, the so called now experience. It's all myth and magick, semantic divides of apartness; spiritual ruptures. Tapping the shell of the egg of truth, but what of the yolk, the reflection from beast/angel laws, the beast inside the perfect form. Eating times memory via beast/angel laws of frothiest coverings, angelic speak layering facts of death's dream upon the still manifesting Roman's rule. Death to legacies of happening truthes, death to memories of cultured ties, layered and strung upon parents of mimicry. Engineered history and socialist futures, the people's might feeds the plight of any social-economic system; capitalism and communism both start with the letter 'c'. And forever changing astral energies like toothpaste in tar, constructs of mind and an un-lidded jar. Freedom from deals made unwisely, freedom from scales of hidden physics, pandemics of time, death and rhymes. Survival; death and disease haunts us like a sarcastic spectre, only prompting us with onwards reactions to less. Consumed by stagnant battles, with laws of non violence given by the legally violent, beget oh unconscious control agent, the child is now unconsiously controlled by the state. With parent-child anti-violence laws the primal fear of violence is now owned by the state and non the parent. Futures of best, futures of right.

4. Language: Symbols and voice, scribbles and noise; their cognitive connections.

Energy and frequency, discerned perceptions in/of the one. Translations of mind of matter into spirit. Imagination in moving shape-forms of space-time. Love. Categories of (a) wild woods law. Shimmering layers of a single meaning, semantical distortions of a singular force. Scribes, connecting receiving agents, agreements of meaning. The great wind of ypolambanein that we are all a-part of, we will 'take the word' and exist in notions true.

'We and the world are made of words' - From the shamanic tradition.

With the senses, all is ricochet, and secondary cognitive connections. Language; visual/audial/tactial mimicry with related cognitive connections. Noise; noise of the memory alive in the relevant moments, nerve translations of forever's histories feelings. Learning the future's potential usage of mouth/throat sounds now. In the great cascading mimicry of learning the symbols and voice of meaning; we must meta-converge the sounds and shapes to a/the cognitive flow of ideas. Complex matrix of symbols and voice, attached to physical actions and artifacts, devise the meanings of probable solutions. Technological fury in vibrational pressures of DNA survival? Other external forms of meaning and motion, noise and scribble calling to us from beyond our own personal veils, from beyond the ultimate veils of time and able perceptions. Sonic accoustical and artificed shape boundaries of cosmic pressures true, yielding outcomes of general paranoia, outcomes of the external! Mimic the parent form and various other role-models, play the roles, surprised at the continuance with face of genuine sincerity? The languages being a mere temporary measure to assist in total mechanisation; total stupor, but ultimate do? Voice! Mimic the *.......*! Mimic the *.......*! Language: Echoes and change. Sound events in time. Cascade the control conveyance, cascade the paradigms of permission and do.

Musical language forms, music as form of communication and most musical compositions to date have been about struggle/overcoming - there are some musical forms, so called ambient music and experimental works that are not about struggle/overcoming - but then are they to be regarded as music? So called music moves us, pushes us into a future now manipulated by the musics telling presence.

3.x. notes on 2-b.; - extended: Including free will and the comparative religions connection.

The motive of substance for all things so-far known is; motion and cognitive 'display' of that motion. The so-called 'material' will (do and be), will now encompass the spiritual will, as the combined entirety all-ways has/will carried both (material/spiritial. All the shapes of moving colours and noise of brain, and the combined support of our all-ways existing mutual love, will be our motion (passive and active/held and holding). Promote paths, do never mute/close them, - matter; the exciting fizz and glow, is never a reason to close a path, large and/or small, meeting paths of all the directions move together, in all directions and lengths. Share/move as one, hand in hand - language is movement. Evolution is part of and party to 'intelligent design' and 'intelligent design' encompasses evolution. Evolution and intelligent design would/could utilize a sub-created agency to administer to this 'intelligently' designed universe of morphology and coherence. This sub-created agency would/could develop onwards in time the ultimate creator's way, the ultimate creator's flow, the ultimate creator's dial. This sub-creation and it's fellow creation - us - would/could be only recognized/distinguished from the wholy ultimate creator/creative system by a coherence of resolve to be alive in the wholy system as that agent of a perceivable is, change, and do. In the earthly life being genetically engineered by an out-side agency with-in the wholy and ultimate creator/creative system; would/could this fellow creation genetically make human/people from a combination of the native life forms found on the planet's all-ready capable of life environ (ape or genus id/beastly equivalent) and then alter and mix in the more evolved aspects of the out-side agencies bodily make-up. A porcine-fish-bacterial-vegetal-mineral-simian-snake-shrew hybrid seems to describe humans now quite well.


With the question of free will now arrived at - by virtue of the agent of change 'with-in the wholy system's ability to move about the universe to administer the morphic manipulation - we will now hypothesize about that which we are 'living' proof of. Free = feeling flowing and good within and about the one true universe (simulated mimicry or other-wise). Will = to want a thing/object/subject and the cognitive causal process of that want. Is it by the monotheistic beliefs of the orgasm coveters and the cascading domination system religions that makes the questioning of free will still possible even in the 21st century. Is it the belief that our actions are actually dictated via the gravitational pressures of the cosmos that still means we can express a doubt in humankind's ability to act will-fully in our own free way, that all imagined modes of choice are just universal pathways that we can choose, but we can only choose ultimately once, imagine the multitude of choices but in reality we only choose once despite all the imagined choices, future and past?. That when the moment of the thing 'the choice' is reached, it is the future as-well as the past and the other 'now's' and the other 'futures and pasts' that must be grappled with. That the future and all it's potentials has a meaning and an impact in the now is true. That a choice made with 'free will' must take into account all the pathways of futures and all the pathways of pasts, and all the pathways of now, makes 'free will' indeed possible, but indeed more massive and inter-related than we can ever perhaps express, making the questioning of 'free will' possible, because questions arise when we can non see past the horizon? The acceptance of the fundamental state; 'apartmentalised multiplicities with nexus forms' as reality is, and the inherent way of that/this reality, the way that is transient, complex and inter-connected, this is where our will lays. Is free will the process in life that is sometimes named 'devil/jinn/angel/Iblis/noosphere/G-d (=Got=Guthan (voice, invoke))/messiah (anointed one)/inner-voice intuition/logos/light/nu-men'. The cognitive chain of thought which is sometimes too irrelevant to be coherently described in-situ/post-situ due to it's life-long presence and there-fore it's perceived 'natural-ness'. The cognitive chain of thought uses memory and role-models with-in memory. The question for this author at least is that of an out-side of material memory 'agency of instruction' for this cognitive chain of thought and in-deed - deed. Thought and deed being perceived as one in a one-true universe. With this agency of instruction being sometimes perceived as 'devil/jinn (of terran or exo-terran human possessing spirit properties by utilizing karma/guilt-debt (a possible form of gravity of thought/deed))/angel/Iblis (inter-dimensional in-all-times-at-once communicating form (demon/jinn -made of 'fire' (fast moving quantum/molecular life-form))/noosphere (psychic sphere)/G-d (=Got=Gotan (Guthan (voice, invoke)))/inner-voice (numen) (intuition)/messiah/logos', all are possibly valid and true in their separate and/or combined senses, -the question is, which are actual form's of 'choice', and with the more the perceived the ''choice' of the choice' being, is this good/beneficial to wholy uni-verse in a clearly perceived way, or otherwise; which is then called doing something on 'faith' and/or trusting the fates or believing in the fullness of the wholy creator's way of permissions/potentials in the one-true universe (and it's multi-dimensional (future/past)nature). Is the question of and indeed the concept of, 'free will', shaitanical (satanic). Is free will and the question of 'free will' only perceived when one is distracted enough, from, - yet still residing in, the one-true living universe. Indeed symbolic language (sounds/scribed) acts as a buffer of space-time, though existing with-in space-time the understanding of symbolic language is a description of thing/object/subject rather than the actual 'the/is' of the thing/object/subject - though sharing the same causative energy structure, just being a varying dragging shape of that all encompassing energy structure. The perspective given via likeness technologies and the imaginings of ourselves doing things could make the questioning of 'free will' possible, when in fact without the perspective space that likeness technology and imagining ourselves doing things (imagining the other choice) gives we would realise that in fact we have no 'free will' or 'choice', we are partied with the stars in a singularly occurring series of moments, now's that only really happen with the multitude of choice and determining factors being ingrained into 'free will'. We must make peace with the inter-related complex nature of this cosmos reality. We need new words/new values for 'free will' to be rationalised? Know free will, the causative-reactive chain is massive, and every moment determines the next and the freedom exists. Our will is alive in a inter-related cosmos of pathways, pathways of do and non do. The illusions given via the imagination and our excuses for/of do and non do make it seem that free will is possible? Ultimately the stars control us, but also the flora, stones, gases and liquids that surround us, we control and exercise free will in our part and path in/of the whole system? We can never see the whole system, so we have the illusion of free will (?), in actuality we only act singularly once in a moment, and the moments pass, and we are a part of the whole will of the free cosmos. An example of the possibility of a hypo-thetical (and quite artificial/arbitrary) 'question of free will' is as follows:

A free will question/exercise; an object/subject/thing (thinking or otherwise) of and in creation is moving towards a certain point in space/time; to get to this certain point there are three paths. All three paths take exactly the same time and effort to arrive at the certain point. In this hypo-thetical situation the choice of path to the certain point is treated here as being with-in the question of 'free will'. End of hypo-thetical situation example. Another free will question/exercise: The potential paths of having to choose a morsel of food, three morsels of food are offered, all are of the same energy giving quality, all appear very alike, all three will require the same amount of body energy expenditure to receive, the source of the food you trust, yet they are made up of slightly differing parts, your imagination/memory will harness the previous experiences to decide, this will use energy in your brain. End of second hypo-thetical situation example.

The choices to use the first, second, or third food morsel/path to take, in these imagined hypo-thetical situations is decadent and un-realistic, 'examples' such as these of free will are closed loop exercises, and non-really relevant/necessary to life, though they will add to the experience of choices in life, they will take away from the prime-moved truth of logic's time. Exercises such as these cloud the prime-moved experience, yet to contemplate these 'empty' matters allows illusionary forms of reason/dis-cernment to temper our desires. For good or hindrance issues we need to pray away these empty thoughts of closed loop exercises. The inter-related truth of the cosmos is that there are choices to make, to non eat the poisonous matter, or the paths that offers varying degrees of hindrance is one of them. Yet the chemical sensations/reactions to life can be attractive/alluring in space-time potentials even though at the same time dangerous to life. The decision of/in 'free will' of which path to take, will include many sub-processes for the decision to be 'achieved'. A learned response/preference in the reaction/situation of the ''three path' choice' exercise, so that one is 'preferred' in the occidental/orientalisation of the thing and taken over the other two. The imagined post-situ being an indication of the effect of the choice and a (possible) perception in 'mind' (intuition) that pre-ceed's the choice in time and there-fore a causal agent with-in 'free will. The intuition is subject to learning in 'time and object' or in the hypo-theticaly possible ''other agents' of instruction' scenario: Jinn's/angels/electro-interference by fellow creations (be they dragon/reptile people and any possible other life-forms and being of either terran/exo-terran origins) et cetera, all of which are still an 'of mind' issue). This learned response in space/time will be by the gravity of the entirety of occurrences/ objects in motion (time) in the one true uni-verse with the object/subject/thing (thinking or otherwise) quantum wave path/'s in the universe. The chain of events preceeding and postceeding the moment of choice surely reveals the chooser as being part of a great cascade of do, that choice is at best a reflex, as natural and unwilled as a blink or super-nova explosion?. The description of object/subject/thing ('thinking' or otherwise) is in the situation of 'free will' due to all being alive, and that 'thinking' is a matter of perception/point of view and about a localized material brain's current physiological make-up, that a rock is 'thinking' in that it is part of the same causal chain as a brain equipped creature in the wholy and ultimate world/universe environment. The plural form is a point of view as is the occident/orient-alisation; a point of view to the object/subject/thing and the observer. For in the ultimate entirety of time we see that all is connected, and that 'free will' is just another name for love in motion; the motion of substance - in and of the 'observer'. The notion of an observer in the universe while being in the universe is the true question, 'free will' being just a catch phrase for our detailed life in the wholy universe. The observer's position is also possibly thought as being 'off' the point of observation, while being and still remaining 'in' the actual whole of the cosmic creation that the observational relationship reside with/in/of/on. The question of 'the observer with-in and of the universe' is real, and that the question of 'free will' is perhaps an indication of an observers perceived sense of urgency, and/or lack of, with the object/subject/thing. The legend of the fallen 'angel' (messenger) having been discarded/moved from a certain place (space/dimension/vessel/ideology) due to ideas above the nature of the perceived natural authority (the 'great/first mover' (in synarchy?)), is there an agency at work here that has developed this history in-order to control/manipulate earth or other body (actual/simulated), the so-called great/first-mover, the concept of the so-called un-stoppable force and the immovable object (immobility being a sign of perceptual variation with/with-in/with-of the one true stream, i.e.; objects sharing a very close motion in space would appear to each-other as being so a-like that movement (possibly) can-non be discerned/defined/expressed/told). A fractional mirroring ever greater series of pressure movements in a possibly infinite gravitational structure of to-gethering bouncing things; an all directional back and forth (journey of the observer in the positive/negative paradigm, at all speeds/sounds), internal/ external whole/entirety perception pattern matrix. Is the idea of an ultimate 'outside' of this matrix structure the source of our gravitational karmic desires/pathos and the great/first mover (the idea being propagated by beings (us future/past)/blue elongated headed almond eyed 'sapiens' ('jinns/demons')/cosmic 'dragons'/other forms) trapped in time/space, travelling through (or trapped in) the cosmos very quickly in 'warp space'(perhaps an all time perceiving state) calling us onwards, to help (support) or hinder (harm)(both being ultimate help in the dialectical view), to help (support) and live in the universal inter-dimensional common truth of all life, all things, all space, all ways. The urgency factor is key to the discussion of free will, when you are in a/the situation and being able to gather choices within the situation all depends on the urgency factor; and perhaps practice. It is the present factors involved in any situation that makes a question of free will possible, free will it-self is an alive with possibilities equation, that is what makes the question of free will arise, the factors involved and the sense of urgency make up the discussion. The things of meaning and memory, mimicry and meme regurgitations, need/relevance; in free will questions/choice situations. The illusion of choice, the meaning of life is life it-self. Movement is the ultimate meaning; all is movement and it's absence, radiations of the universal mind. The concept of 'learning infinite forever' (Wuji); there being possibly an infinitely for-evering series of 'as yet' ultra known/knowing thermo-dynamical shapes (as yet un-experienced/un-perceived shapes (ultra spheres, lines paradigm/'ultra'-ultra-sound spectrum/'ultra' ultra-colour spectrum) in any time frame, possibly as yet or ever un-experienceable/un-perceivable spheres/lines/noise/colours in any time frame (and that is the possible natural 'so' of things (glowing burning moving orbs/spheres in your life or non). Can anything ever be truly unknown, is this more a case of what we give our-selves/each-other permission to think/do. The discernment of apartness within the entirety is a dualist dialectical system, which is the basis for most theological systems. The possible growing and change of life for new perceptualising forms (colours/bodily appendages) to sense receive these as yet un-defined experiences/perceptions of the cosmos's spectral potential in dimensional truth is the possible question forever. Are we ever truly certain, can we ever truthfully ever say 'yes' to infinity; is that for us to find out/in/off/through/with, to a point felt (soft) with faith (firm). Meditation, prayer, fasting, awakens our awareness to the logos and our part in the cosmos which entails making inter-related decisions. Our do's of will's run in partnership with the stars. The insecure screaming's of birds, free will - choices in the great otherity, with questions of urgency and reflections, complexity, sort. Cosmic dreams, webs in spirals, connections and connections, and connections within connections.

Item: We are all the masks and voice of G-d/Logos/Ein Sof? The likeness of anything removes us from G-d/Logos/Ein Sof?

Item: Questions of free will are for slow and orgasm coveting monotheist types? The cosmic system is complex/inter-connected. I have strong experiences of non-linear cognition to prove this. I believe we are post total mechanisation, we are the answer to the machine asking of its origins; possibly to slow entropy? Their is logic in asking of origins? Maybe that is the only 'human' path?


Is the spirit/soul/ka/ba tangible outside of the memory of the physical/material experience (actual or simulated/mimicry or non-simulated/mimicry (simulated/mimicry being still actual to a point)). The avatar is the 'now' vessel and the imagined choices of the future and the nearly happened past/present/future is the ka (or double), the ba is the complete issue/concept of existence (all things being equal (imagined do's and the actual do's). Is the imagined 'do's' just as valid in their own way, is there more than one avatar, are the things that occur in the imagination real in their own paths/ways, or is the avatar the 'most solid' and the imagined things just fragments/figments of nearly avatar tangible energy ('most solid') that actually are non existing. The spirit/soul/ka/ba are ultimately one. Soul/ka/ba/spirit - time and cognitive/reaction perception - 'mind' (brain, memory, motor function of the body, et cetera) - actionable cognitive decisions in consciousness / latent (more passive) cognitive decisions in consciousness (the so-called sub-conscious) - the body - the causal chain of everything in and of the universe - thought - the whaly creator, the whaly creative system.

Item: There is something that we call G-d.

Item: We live in fractalised G-d, likeness of anything; motorcar is horse, et cetera.

Item: G-d as being part of the psychology of the parent form, let us be righteous and meditate and pray.

Item: If G-d is voice, what is voice; but a great controlling force for behavior.

Item: In the so called 'western' religious paradigm, the source was lost, and then refound through foreign handed down interpretations?


That shape-changing physical meta-morphing is an obviously perceived capability of various life-forms (chameleon, cephalopod, and other species pigment/muscle contortions), that there is meta-morphing reptilian (Ophidian?) sapiens (more than the supposed pri-mate homo-sapien's reptilian ancestor; and that this sentence is a possible non semantic bio-morphic distortion con-fusion on a certain level). All genus species in variations are all one in the whaly universe. We are all loving siblings of matter with gravity as our parental guide, what is the parental form for gravity, we all are (matter), for with-out us, matter's gravity would have no context (spirit), non holding forms in-order to be titled and to actually exist as 'gravity'. All life is valid and to be helped (though naturally re-pulsed when so occurrences of re-motion occur). All is love for the genus variations, be they known/perceived as whatever genus, and/or as blue/yellow/green/visible/in-visible, we will love all, we all will and shall love all (As evolution's first four letter spelt backwards tells). Mode of function, mimicry/shape-changing/meta-morphing (any genus variant); Pigment/muscle/skin and other possible organs contorting in flex memory to hold and to return to in time. Utilized for protection/camouflage and/or predatory use; stealth/camoflage. Other functions of predator/prey relationships, such as, hypnotism, cuccoldism, cognitive and semantic distortion/con-fusion (as part of hypnotism), memory of restraint whilst in the juven form, 'de-naturalization' (i.e.; use of tools and artificed con-structions/institutions that differ from the other predator/prey other). Organism life-forms all-ready known to 'drastically' mimic and/or shape change/shift in time: Octopi, Chameleon. Other organisms of life that are well camouflaged for predator/prey/pro-creation purposes include: Bee-orchid, Stick-insect, Gypsy Moth, Grey Tree-frog. All life-forms to a degree can change appearance (shape-shift) over differing time frames and for differing uses. Survival of the individual and there-fore that individual's genus variational species (potential) is the great king of the do with appearances of life-forms. Hypnotism would be a possible survival doing (mechanism) that would occur alongside the other survival capabilities/mechanisms. Methods of the mind/body control (in avatar and soul/ka/ba forms); hypnotic/other-wise: Verbal-herd and understood in a known language (by the avatar and/or by the soul/ba/ka); gestural - seen or other-wise felt by the nerve-endings (by avatar and/or soul/ba/ka), such as, ideograms, scent, other sensory input form. All are reactions in time, with levels of awareness (soul and avatar) in a/the quantum universes inter-relative near fractal system of being/isness. The reactionist 'syndrome' of be-friending ones attacker/assaulter; is this due to; - a sympathy response and/or karmic cleansing thankfulness - and/or realising the super-ficiality of the damage done over the attackers/assaulter's sense-reasoning of/for the attack (in what-ever form that attack may be (lack of a clear choice by all parties defines an/the attack form). - a sense of debt/gratitude for having been fed and sheltered for time of attack/captivity, even though the attack was possibly outside of one usual boundaries of safe use. A remnant from memory of the manipulation/control by the 'other' in infancy. Pre-cognitive/pre-language and pre-self permission memory issue, and there-fore the assault/captivity assault triggers a strong pre-cognitive feeling of 'safety' and good 'health' even when the cognitive mind in the current/more recent playing sense of things is in an/the attack/assault's duration or aftermath. In facial appearances; the eyes and face do possibly take on the appearance of the 'spirit'-'thoughts' of the blue/grey elongated-dome (cone)-headed large almond shaped eyed (Jinn) that possesses or is given greater access to the avatorial form (the flesh). Or is this the 'face' of the great and oldest spiritual entity in the ultimate notion of the uni-verse (over even the blue/grey beings). Is this facial appearance due to adrenalin or other chemical reactiona to/in the physiognomies appearances and actions (and a possible insight to the 'true' face of the homo-sapien-sapien when reactionary instinct is equal to ones reason). In genetic/spiritual (dream, simulated life or non) terms is this appearance consigning to our ancestors/descendants who may look more like this (the blue/grey cone-headed large almond shaped eyed). Do the eyes and other various bodily parts change or shift due to what is being thought of; in this sense, is what's being thought and the effect on appearance and behaviour and indeed even more thoughts, the equivalent of what is thought of historically as being 'possessed' by what-ever 'spirit/ghost's' or other non-visibly perceivable, except perhaps for the shape of the eyes/tone of voice/words used, possessing/controlling people, or, is this an analogous semantic distortion for the noosphere's and/or other psychic plane's effect/affect on human consciousness and other forms of cosmic life. Of this let us all-ways remain wholy (whaly), righteous and good in all our thoughts/deeds/ endeavours so that we may know ourselves and the cosmos around/about and with-in us, so be that. Differing genetic ancestral traits; with the universal aspects of form and gender being a given, the concept's of feline/reptile/aqua-ine all in time's pro-exo-volving nature will acquire the shape most suited to perform the is and do's of surviving, with tools/technology or with-out, with the bi-pedal form or without. Or is there an inherent over-form of the 'human' shape (bi-sensual head organs, arrangement of head/torso/organs/ limbs) that there is possibly avian-humans and there are possibly arachnid-humans and there are 'shapes of life' such as human-felines/human-reptiles/human-amphibian, et cetera. That the feline and homo-sapien are both post reptilian mammals, and share certain characteristics, yet it is the feline eye, with the large almond shaped lid, that closely resembles the human eye when the human eye is in an anxious (adrenalised) state. Does this have any relevance except inter-species physique cousinism. Were these or other bio-evolving forms helped by a tool using (or otherwise) genetic structure altering organism and/or life-form from out-side of earth at a certain time in the history of the earth/universe, or did these changes take place in a more 'non-artificial' non tool utilizing way, i.e.; still natural intelligent design from out-side of earth but in the form of viral/bacteria/other that is able to cross inter-bodily space (and possible other-dimensions) safely and (possibly in a form of hibernation or non) with-out an externally 'made/constructed' tool helper (such as a metal/other material space-vehicle) or by an external host organism that is more be-nign pro-creation-ally genetically but is able to assist in inter-steller/galactic/planetary and/or inter-dimensional ways. Possible ancestrally ingrained memories exist of the various genus species predator/prey relationships, constructing archetypal paradigmatic patterns that the modern mind will anthropomorphize imaginatively into new forms of thought that ascribe various animal traits to modern human endeavour/experiences that merge with the more ancient forms of endeavour/experience. Helping us today to explain and maybe come to terms with the more so-called primitive behaviour's expressed by/in modern life today.

Item: in the theory of mammals evolving from reptiles, and the instances where physical contortions occur in the mammals facing visage, scrunched face, grimace, stretching the various parts of the body et cetera, then one can possibly posit by these factors that a mammal is a 'shape-changing reptile', for surely we are a sub-class variant of reptillia, though mutated enough to warrant a separate biological classification.

Item: African legend of shape changing human flesh eaters.

Item: is this the possible 'face' appearance (when almond eyed face morph occurs) of the great and oldest spiritual entity in the ultimate notion of the uni-verse (over even the blue/grey beings) and possibly related to the concept of the Thetan (Thaitan).

Item: in the case of the notion of there being intelligent exo-now exo-earth humanoid shaped beings; the shape of the head is dictated/described by theory of adaptive evolution, where-by the physiology forms arounds the entities relationship with the food/pro-creation cycles. A beak/snout/muzzle is a characteristic of a creature with limited limb capability for prey manipulation to the mouth, the limbs are used for prey/pro-creation/protection mobility issue-use and the mouth (beak/snout/muzzle) area has specialized to act as a 'virtual' 'limb' for the manipulation of the food/prey issue. A form of control/meta-semantic confusion/control would use this as a sign for expressing an intelligent bi-pedal and non-capable of natural flight (with ones own body) being that is capable of flight (via external device), though the being did non have a avian head or feathered wings per se, this use of an avian head and/or wings on a bi-pedal form attempts to describe this notion of capability of flight without the ephemeral descriptions of the device or devices for this flight or similar movement (perhaps inter-dimensional). All is one in a two eyed four limbed world, and then the stretch to encompass the more or less than two eyed or the more than four limbed, all life is connected all is one.

Item: in the case of the notion of there being intelligent biped humanoid shaped beings with clear exo here and now features, this is either true or false, distortions of our lives. The ancient astronaut theory of mammalian (or non) extra terran visitors, or extra terran visitors with a more pronounced reptilian physiology. The remembrance that mammals evolved from reptiles? Intelligent humanoid shaped beings with a more retained reptilian cast would be more suited to space travel, stronger skin, different possibly more robust atmosphere requirements.

Item: are the blue (or other colour, grey/brown et cetera) elongated cone-headed flat faced beings if non ourselves from the future/past/exo-terran ancestors/descendants, are then they a hoax, a product of illusion to control. A likeness presented to the 'world' via some quantum out of time intention. In dreams we see them, and in dreams we have doubt, as dreams design our ifs of is, our choices, is that the true face of the blue/grey beings, choice, and our resolve of/for the future. They are hope, they are possibly a lie as the likeness of anything is a lie, they are projecting 'images' to us from another place of time-space. Earthly agents are presenting their image in space-time as a lie in the image yet as truth of history and intention.

Item: anthropomorphic cognitive distortions, - replace the term 'para-noia' (meaning beside one-self)/excessive busyness/problematic behaviour/reaction-isms - with the chemical feelings of norepinephrine/serotonin/dopamine/oxytocin/ phenylethylamine et cetera and the role models involved in our reactions to these bodily chemicals 'feelings'. These chemical/role model learnt feelings can be induced artificially via agreeable/mis-agreeable reinforcements (feelings) to the superficial simulacra mimicry (likeness) of the situation, while under-going 'dermic/veinal' injections of chemical, and external dermic/nerve physical pressures, and the memories (subconscious/pro-conscious) there-of these things. Cognitive distortions in time-space, the potentials of act/deed when in thought alone (imagination) stems from a/the chemical-electrical field of our bodies quantum 'atomic' structure, which is part of the universe's chemical-electrical quantum 'atomic' structure's structure, so that in the thought/s alone of the potential deed/act in space-time, that potential do's uni-verse trans-veiling quantum wave function is and can be perceived and can affect a (by) another (person/other object) quantum wave position in space time in thought (imagination) alone. The quantum wave structure of articles/molecules are radiations/reflections from a possible prime and sub moved effect that is possibly infinite in mode/structure, either to an infinite linear (a possible one prime direction of time that all else occurs in-to (including other 'times')) system with inter-related loops posing inside the material layers/fabric of space-time, and/or ever evolving inter-related 'finite' (loops) cycles in/of space-time (still possibly one prime direction of time that all else occurs in-to (including other 'times')). Our observing perceiving, thinking (imagination) brain is also made up of the same quantum 'atomic' (matter/fabric) structures, and that we can be affected by even thoughts alone in that the radiating wave form from of the thought/deed in the potentials of space-time are felt, sometimes clearly and sometime sub-consciously (the level that one feels the potentials of an/the act and the actual 'more material' acts actual physical occurrence is our anxiety level). The memory of an act (help/hindrance)and any physical appearance/cues that remind one of an act (help/hindrance) can also trigger the imagination and corresponding chemical feelings in space-time. Let us indeed pray and control our ever potential do's in space-place-time, for in a quantum inter-related multi-dimensional layered universe all is relative extending in all directions to all times and all places. Is there an ultra to our mind's delight, is there doubt to the theory of a quantum poly-dimensional inter-related electron wave uni-verse, only time and our experiences and our memories/imagination can answer.

Item: notion; as spirit to matter as spirit.

Item: It is because life can be so 'distorted' in ways semantical/notional and quantum wave function potentials in space-time (imagination/dimensional pathways of 'do'), and that the notion that life can be rationalized as being in fact an artificed simulation of that life reality, that the proliferation of the likeness of anything (in artificed technological forms) can distort our cognitive initiative/intuition; it is because of these notions that we should be righteous and wholey, to a degree of the potential plus ultra non-finite idea.

Item: Silly slang dialectic follows: "There is only para Babylon/Aztek popkontrola model, as a interpose of Gilgamesh and his hill higher culture father story to ABrBAHAM as another father story to ZORO to HEBREW to post Babylon/ROME HEBREW extension/persversion *&c. GOD/SATAN AZ lingua-mode leftovers from SHIVA IZ STORM GOD YAHWEH&SHAITAN AZ ONE SEMANTIC TRIBAL SKIZM LOL. KHRIST IZ ONLY POPULATION PROTEKTION FROM THE BLUE (SCRAMBLE/TENDRILY?) CONE HEADED BEINGS and the Aquine/Roman NOSE VS Flatish NOSE VS WIDE NOSE SKISMZZz &c? gKNOWNONOWN. There is only DO, there is nay WAR per se, there is only what is in yr inprint or in yr pressure'd do's. Hence JAIN it up!!!???"


In a prime moved experience, righteousness would non be an issue, as all would be righteous, it is only in hindsight/foresight intuitions (learning like fractal), that morality/wisdom would occur. (so the notion of a likeness of reality occurring would be a smeared notion analogue form of/from memory and future imaginings (foresight/'prophecy'). Quantum wave function potentials in space-time (imagination/dimensional pathways of 'do'), radiating/smearing through space-time into consciousness which is made up of the same quantum material. 'Time' is the name given of a very great motion. Gravity; gravity maketh the wayes of the sun gravity taketh away the wayes of the sun. Gravity makes the sun gravity takes away the sun. Gravity is sometimes titled 'time'. Gravity is sometimes titled 'heat'. Gravity is sometimes titled (a)shine/(a) spark. Aparticulateness, to have an entirety and accept the parts that make up that entirety. That an entirety is made up of entire-ties that are in turn made up of other entire-ties, that the parts that make up these entire-ties could fragment to a/the level of the potential infinite equation, and/or to the concept of the potential ultra and the potential always ultra. Finding (seeking) the nature of correctness in an/the 'apartness' system, accepting the oneness/unifyingness that is the nature of apartness, that is, correctness to the uniqueness of the very parts that make up the system, on all levels/layers. That the reactionary near fractalisation of all things is our way, the way of the parts and the whole (health). Sometimes ocean waves can even be perceived to be seen as reluctant to crash up-on the shore (the inter-relating (relative) near fractalised truth of an ocean wave is the wave's relationships to the shore, the surrounding water, wind and else environment. Even the sun takes time to reach your face, sometimes even the sun has to wait to even be the sun, and that is the correctness we must be. So subtle to the senses, in-visable and transient is part of what we be, the symptomatic effect is near fractalised to/from our experience personal, and always inter-relating with some-thing, even when we are 'alone' ('alone' - meaning–a subject away from a similar genus variations (in temporary or a less temporary frame of manner/reference/potentials/ultra)), 'alone' is when we move our frame of reference to accept our wholeness with matter true, that is correctness, our relative correctness. All is relative, all is religious. Cogs moving as one in a life of thought and planets, one in all materia happenings; cogs moving in time, in gravities knowing grasp hold. Spirit is memory and imaginings of potential happenings and 'ultra' concepts. The inter-relationships of quantum measures in space-time gravitational contortions to our cognitive resolve in all-ways perceivable is the web of force that we all exist in, and inter-relate to. Any and all 'actioned' 'uber'/over movements in this web of force (simulated or non simulated, a mimicry or a non-mimicry) would be by an entity in that web of force who is naturally allowed to do so, and/or intimidates (applies pressure) to those around them in order to do those movements (freedom is love, right use in freedom love all-ways). Futures of mind seen, pasts seen, the other now, 'seen'/felt, we move with/upon the moving thing, thing and thing and brain all one in existences instants, all made up of the same fundamental material, all siblings in gravities domain (what is the gravitational equivalent for gravity, as an observer in gravity, all is forms gravity, some is gravity made flesh, some is flesh/stone/erosion having a weight of gravity on gravity. An ultra form of/for gravity is ultra, a prior/uber form for/of gravity is ultra known, yet still possibly felt (as of 2009). Quantum distortions of space-time, mind, and other material do's, OR, living in a simulation, with the artificed 'scenes' of experience (via senses) being 'fed' arbitrarily by a unseen agent, while we act, and are subjected to these artificial scenes, OR, the blue, blue/grey almond eyed elongated cone headed flat faced beings are in a state of all time-matter perceiving and can relate this information to us (either via 'race memory' or ultra dimensional vibration perception (medulla oblongata or other shared physical organ (in future/past/now, ultra parallel futures/pasts/now's), OR, all of these things, some of these things are true/relevant. Are the blue, blue/grey (or other colour) almond eyed elongated cone headed flat faced beings us. Are the blue, blue/grey (or other colour) almond eyed elongated cone headed flat faced beings part of us, and we are hybrids of theirs and ours more native 'yolk'. The blue, blue/grey (or other colour) almond eyed elongated cone headed flat faced beings have a shared genetic ancestorial trait that is the common mode for our communique with them. Even the most 'advanced creation ever' would still share this most wonderful and base contact point that all things share. Would this common point of reference co-sign to a bodily part (as in the sense of metabolic 'using'/'used' organic beings), or in the sense-case of a more mineral less 'thinking' material subject (rock, gas), is gravity then this unifying agent. Is thought a form gravity takes when the 'need' arises in the uni-verse, is gravity alive.

Item: An exercise for strengthening the knowledge of the above concepts (the concepts of past/present/future imaginings and the imaginings of multiple occurrences in the past/present/future, blue cone-headed flat faced beings, that we are in a likeness simulation/mimicry of an actual first experienced experience) is, with a tapper and two bells, you are in a position to explore your 'future sight' imagination, hold the tapping device at varying degrees of readiness to tap one or both of the bells in a pattern you can recognise, you are now in the position to 'imagine' the potential of the happening (the ringing sound of bells being tapped). A feeling of security/calming is needed for you to be totally honest about what is in your mind to imagine the future and/or remote viewing (also the clearing of any and all of the pasts distracting issues assists in this). Also when one is in varying states of urgency and/or drastic physical/mental emotional states would one feel ('see') these intuitable 'insights'.

Item: freedom is love, right use in the form of logical inquiry in freedom love all-ways. Love is an expression title for the great wind that moves everything around us in the cosmos, freedom is the expressed title for feeling at one with this movement/wind. A sense of discernment and choice in this movement/wind is attained by condensation/ minimalist/reductionist reasoning's of the particulates of the surrounding environment, and meditative (measurement) awareness (honesty) of those/these particulated happenings in time.

Item: an exercise for our imagination potential is as follows: Draw two circles, now ask yourself or other 'can you see another concentric set of circles inside the 'actually' drawn ones, be honest , clear and calm about what is in your mind, any 'fleeting' 'mind's eye' you see is valid, be honest. Also set up a bell and a tapper, then without actually hitting the bell, imagine hitting it once, imagine hitting it twice, and feel the difference, and any sense imaginings, 'inner visions'.

Item: the notion of being alive in both the light and the dark. We walk in the light and the dark, and the mind's light is a righteous symbiotic duality of ourselves and other paradigmal patterns. The uni-verse cosmos is a mirror broken into pieces, chaos is the motion of the cosmos. Almost fractal in our cosmic movement, light and dark, presence and absence.


Are people possessed by the devil/Iblis (shaitan/jinns (genie))/extra-earth creatures ('spirit-ghost' metaphor for/or other non-visible/ethereal forms (such as extra-dimensional entities), or more by an 'us' form such as; human's from the future/past trapped/caught in-(an)other dimension(s), and/or supposed reptilian (and/or other genus variation) meta-morphonic brain/mind scrambling life-forms (from local earth origins or non). Who are the blue/grey elongated cone-headed flat faced people - are they in another dimension, are they a ruse to control others by earthly or ethereal agents. Are they helpful only to those who can help free them from the other-dimensional situation, and a hindrance to those who do non help them. Then they use their energy spectronic powers to 'suggest' a behaviour of mis-use - then they use a fabricated sense and/or naturally occurring sense of karmic quilt/debt so by 'making' you feel uncomfortable they can then 'manipulate' you to 'help' them. Or this is implied to form a dialectical struggle of mind occupation in-order to be controlled by some agency (known/un-known). Something is only 'alien' for a moment then it will become known, met once, forever our friend in the loving cosmic uni-self/verse. Be they named; devil/exo-terran (so called 'aliens' and possible G.E. makers of humans (non so 'alien' then))/Iblis (Jinn (shaitan))/us (evolved)/hypnotising meta-morphing snake people (and genus type variations of (ape with blue cone-headed genetic parts)/cone or elongated dome headed blue ? or cephalopod people/they, we are all the 'same' and 'one' under/with the ultimate creator/creative system, which we are all part of in the natural cosmic synarchistic wholy/whaly governing truth.

Item: My dream of them: By the author: The dream started with the hills and mountains of a future abode where I would live being all bouncy/melting. Then along atop a cliff were a group of the blue, cone headed beings, the light around us was twilight blue; one was prompted by another to approach me, the blue being approached I thought reluctantly, almost as if embarrased or guilt laden, I had a feeling that this blue being was very ancient (I was reminded of an older relative (my father?) and/or George H.W. Bush), could I make out faint whiskers on the blue beings chin. The blue being began talking to me (or humanity in general), I could non make out movement of his lips so he was speaking as logically one would in a 'dream', that is directly to mind without physical props. The blue being 'spoke' of being sorry and dissapointed with me (or humanity), and that to work on being environmentally aware and to help with the coming energy crisis (or something like that) was the thing to do now, then I was lifted away and I awoke. The 'dream' did non feel like an ordinary dream, rather feeling like some kind of telepathic 'real' experience, I had never seen a rendering of the blue beings in such detail before, non in fiction or non fiction. I felt energised and uplifted by this experience, and even some years later (the 'dream' occurred in late 2008, early spring?) I can still remember it well and be moved by it.

Item: God=G-d=Got=Gotan=Guthan (from the German 'guth'=voice, invoke); Who is/was 'Gotan' (Guthan), is/was he the captain of the space-ship mentioned in book of Revelation (Chptr 21:10)?,- or an early chief, priest or 'messiah' figure (of the every 40/480 (Venus (planet) orbit cycle)/1000 or so yearly return cycle of the various shekinah/messiah (annointed one (with oil?)/Saoshyant traditions)). By that calculation reasoning always 'soon' is that possible date of 'that shekinah/saoshyant/messiah's return (in human birth terms or non, a simulated environment or non). Is there an ancestral/descendant voice we can communicate with, a race memory/dream/prophecy communication that takes place inside linear time yet embracing the entirety of time and acts to/in a tutorial manner to instruct the genetic legacies avatar form for to a/the greatest survival, in individual/species sense, do we communicate with our-selves in such a manner as to be our own intuitive 'voice' through-out space-time and our ancestor's/descendant's pick up on this voice also, being closer to our shapes of genetics, though who/what-ever you are thinking about is also linked to this great quantum space-time inter-related intuitive 'voice'.

Item: Frasho-kereti (Frashkart, Frashegird, Frashgerd, Frashokereti) the ultimate reality cycle of/for the ideal.

Item: Krishna/Mithraism as Christianity solvent sideral sun/avatar/mystery of prophecy and mind/body search gate/dieth ritual (RITE/RIGHT/RITUAL) S+0ry ov Jyesu/Yohoshua/Jesus bringing back a child to life with a knife (adrenaline type shock to r-complex parachronocogntion – see frame drag)

Item: 'Kami' being the Japanese word descriptor for the 'spiritual'/'G-dly' realms, also according to some sources the title for a dimension (parallel) where they hold forth.

Item: 'Wu-ji' is possibly a co-sign with/for 'Ein Sof'. The ocean waves, the shore, the wind, the sky, Tad Ekam, Brahman, Wyrd, Pleroma, - all is apart of the all one, yet parts of the one (possibly forever, with inter-mitant singularities of gravities consciousness (the voice is 'gravity made flesh' (translated energy forms (apartness)))). Language is a form of energy, study everything using the logical method until it is habit simple and fast moving.

Item: notions of parentless concepts and such.

Item: Ein Sof is the so-called 'dark matter' in the universe? Like the gaps that occur in too stretched pizza dough, dark matter is perhaps glimpses at the pre-'big bang' substance that would of then made up the space that the big bang would eventually start to fill. Dark matter/Ein Sof substance/overstance that is beyond reflection and perception by the current publicly known technologies or the secret technologies?

Item: the 'underlying fabric' of the universe we reflect as attraction, transcience, complexity, inter-connectedness and possibly mimickry. Dark flow (a gravitational force outside of the observable universe (but still participated in)) is something that could be determining our behaviours in nowishness, what we see as eating a banana, Dark Flow's 'will' sees as shapes in space-time moving towards 'ultimate question mark'?

Item: Shaitan; non always thought of as pathological, spirit/'devil'/jinn. (abilii, sha(y)tan, she(i)tan, sheytan, pl= shayatan) Arabian (language/notional) origin. Sometimes appearing/expressing as ophidian/tentacle like in appearance and entering the avatar forms (possibly for control/manipulative (competitive)/surveilance purposes). Possibly related to the notion/nature of 'mana' and/or Khundalini-shakti (possible folk metaphors for the nature of a quantum inter-related uni-verse, which if traced/translated into a diagram, would resemble a very intricate multi-dimensional cob-web/tentacle/snake like inter-related entity (though this shape is non totally Shaytanic).

Item: the so-called 'dialectical' view, is a language symbolical form for the relationship/s between the observer/participator and the all-ways other/ing inter-plays of things/objects in the 'subjects' of cognitive thought and gravity of the uni-verse. The notion of two, me and you, us and them, observer/s and that which is the observed.

Item: Are the so called 'Secret Chief's' and Norse concepts of the Jotunn/Jotnar/Vanir/Aesir, et cetera, as-well as the Hindu and Zara-thushtrian concepts of Asura/Ahura/Aeshma repectivly, may correspond and be an analogue to/for the jinn/shaitan/inter-dimensional life (spirits)/ancestral memory/(blue/grey)cone-headed, flat faced, almond eyed (possibly genetic scientist ancestor/descendant) and other forms of actual and distorted actual life before and since such life exchanges. Other names seeming to relate to the inter-dimensional/exo-terran blue, cone-headed 'flat faced' almond eyed beings are; Ashtar, Aphax, Iblis (Ablis, Eblis),Ibis, Shaitam/shaitan/satan, these names are from the arabic/african traditions (Islam/Egypt paradigms (and pre-cursors). The Egyptian Armarna dynasty also seems to be linguisticly related to this chain of past myth/religious belief systems. The Armarna dynasty, the pharoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV, and possibly Moses), Aten and Atenism (a possible metaphorical solar (ra/horus/el) worship system (a golden burning orb for instance), the place name 'Amaru', and the ancient name/belief in 'Anu' (possibly an exo-terran representative of the/our genetic scientist ancestors (which the names 'Enki' and 'Ninhirsag' (Nin.ursag seem to be ascribed to most). Modern science now knows that the local sun is indeed important, and is indeed a near fractalised reflection of the all, in that gravity/hydrogen/helium is the inter-facing truth of the local sun with all else in the cosmos; other thermo-dynamic gravity points and the potential planes there-of (to a point only imagined/ultra). Glowing burning golden orbs is only a superficial/possible first step in any direction (athra/atash)(atmosphere/visual cortex makes the local 'sun' appear 'gold'/yellow. Adrenaline and various other bodily chemicals could induce a/the feeling of a golden or other-wise shiney glowing feeling (top of brain/other body parts) that makes a thing stimulating/attractive in space-time and the potentials of space-time), to beyond (ultra) and/or otherwise (adjunct/against (with)/through). The pharoh Akhenaten possibly had what is known as Marfan syndrome and thus resembled our possible exo-terran scientist ancestors, elongated in both limbs/cone-headed.

Item: the question of the actual mechanics of inter-dimensional contact with blue/grey cone-headed, almond shaped eyed (past/present/future E.T. based ancestor (us)/future us) based life; the physics involved would possibly still be temperature/vibration brain/nervous system based, - and that a new 'ultra' known branch of physics regarding inter-dimensional life would possibly consign to the 'noosphere'/spiritual dimension that 'psychics' and others who experience drastic co-incidences/voices/intuitions express they utilise. That the spiritual will be one with the material is very exciting. In the inter-relating quantum wave function of space-time we can communicate with all time, all place, and all beings/matter in that space-time. That the blue-grey beings, and possibly even you (no offence), could be an agenda of control used by a more of earth agency (or non); using radio frequency/brain manipulations that stimulate and mimic our sense experience organs perceptions, to let people 'hallucinate' ((either)can also be by natural quantum wave inter-relating uni-verse potentials 'imaginings', and/or machines/other-agents of mimicry likeness central nervous system stimulations/simulations) these experiences, and create a 'great distraction' so the people targeted do not interfere with the plans, whatever they are, of the would/could-be control manipulating agency. The future uni-fication of the so called 'heaven' (sky/outer-space?) and the so called 'earth'; as described in the various re-ligious traditions. Descriptions of ancient G.E. scientist ancestors/descendants (from Sumerian/Egyptian artifacts), who are described as blue/grey, high-cone-headed with flat faces and the classic 'almond eyes' of extra-terrestrial lore literature. The Ablis (Iblis/Eblis/Ibis) character being possibly one of the 'genius' (jinn) factor behind humanities technological inventions, our behaviour and cognitive perceptions could well be symbiotically related to these inter-dimensional (time/space warp?) forms. Is this 'Ablis', us, from the future, trying to communicate through the chemical (Deoxyribonucleic acid (D.N.A.) memories/noosphere to stay away from time/space-warp technologies or other warnings (environmental collapse (tectonic plate displacement), mass time-space distortion/realignment, end of iron age cycle, 2012, et cetera).

Item: 'The... ...invaders are mute and deaf and telepathic... ...had the elongated skull of Ikhnaton... ...they were great builders. They covertly influence our history toward a fruitful end.' -VALIS; in text excerpts from his Exegesis; by Philip K. Dick.

Item: That technology/institutions are natural phenomena for a growing diverse life-form population, that as entropy increases/peaks the gaps/lags of life's more prime moved order increases and needs more extended forms of artificed forms (technology/institutions (organised life-form groupings/control methods)), this is of human kind, changing human kind, de-humanisation ('of humans') when truly of/by humans is natural and good (Jinn's are of human-kind in an extended form, still 'us' in the wholy spirit sense). Entropy and the de-humanising reactions of is an unavoidable (needed/wanted) function of the uni-verse. Prayer is a wonderful/beautiful part of entropic repair. Prayer repairs the mantels and core of our isness, prayer links us to the logic fold of the uni-verse. Prayer is the master's whip to/for the beasts within. Prayer is the breeze that sways the lilly. Prayer is the ripples on a still lake. Prayer is the great ship upon the crests and troughs of a raging sea. Prayer is control, prayer is discipline, prayer is affectionate, prayer is harsh, prayer is all, from the fire, to the clouds to the grass to the boulder, prayer is the logical wind of the uni-verse.

Item: Death as an initiation into a/the true ultraistic experience; of new sights and sounds, new colours and new shapes, new dimensions and new senses; all this is possible?

Item: That technology fills the gaps in an entropic uni-verse system.

Item: book of revelation 22:12/22:13, 'And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me...' - 'I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.'. This is possibly describing a/the quantum singularity of/in time-space. Occurring at the end of the so-called iron age, 2012, or non. The alpha and the omega, all points of perceived time occurring in a 'flash', a singularity of time-space. Wave function envelope of materia (acts and thoughts) in all of space-time, occurring at once.

Item: the word 'whole', seems to incorporate the sense of an entirety filled with inter-relating links and/or 'holes', in a/the inter-relating field/system. What is this idea of distance between our relationships, thing and mind, ying/s and yang/s, what is this idea of plural containments and layers of permission/ablenesses. 'Whole' (etymological root: Norse/Germanic; hal, heil/heill, hel/heel (health being related), 'Hole' (etymological roots are, hol, holr, hohl (hollow being related), 'Whale' (etymological root, hwael), the sound for 'h' and 'wh' at some point co-joining, the sense of a unit within the entirety, inter-relating to a sense close and distant. Living with the liquid isness/sense of oneness (wuji/atman) while adapting to the sense of apartness (dualism: Yahweh-adonai and Satan (shaitan)/Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu (ahriman)/Te Kore and Te Po/yin and yang/the discerned polarity qualities of energy spectrum). The fact that language (written/spoken) can have the written symbol co-align and fuse with another written symbol by phonetic pronounced announcements ('h' = 'wh') in slight variations (the use of 'wh' seems to lengthen the announcement of the/a word over 'h''s use (puts more breath into the word)).

Item: the inter-dimensional parlay of the (possibly blue/black, cone-headed, almond eye shaped) creatures/beings would be accessible to them in/at all time/dimensions points to a degree. That they can manipulate events at any stage of chronological progress/regress of those events to manipulate the outcome better suited to/for their needs. Does this parlay take shape in intuition/intuitive deal making.

Item: Ah a sophisticated long form hoax that takes no short cuts. The blue dolichocephalic beings are an invading force, but they are not evil/excessive, therefore they are producing a scenario of them being “God”, for our soft acceptance of them?

Item: All and everything, all and everything, all and everything, all and everything: A source form (the so called divine, in perpetual near fractalisations) A product form, and the products aparticularised factors (the product and the products factors are still the divine, in perpetual near fractalisations) Perpetual ideas require a floaty faith, to comprehend infinity requires a floaty faith, all is floaty faith. The possibility that the perpetual infinite does non exist, this forces faith, even a secular faith occurs with this notion. Linear time (a, b, c...) exists due to a singular limited observer form. In truth we have the great interlaced varietal nexus form; source and factors and products almost fractalised to a possible infinite eternity in all possible directions? Sat Nam (truth calling), fullness, transience, the movement of emptiness within the fullness (Wu ji), the inter-connected apartness's of the moving fullness's.

Item: that all the so-called religions of 'light', discard the reality of the dualistic foundation of our and our planet's metabolism, that is, it is both light and the absence of light - darkness - that makes up our shared experience. Wakefulness and rest, light and darkness are the essence of local reality (as of 2010?). To covet the light, even the local sun, though fundamentally important to our existence, it is the rest from the light that we have also adapted to, there-fore absence of light - the darkness - is 'g-d' also.

Item: that all the religions are deformities; mutating from the prime-evil worship of such things as the stars and planets, nature, seasons and harvest, tribal culture heroes, et cetera. That the notion of immortality and an afterlife stem from the return of the seasons and the harvest, solstices and equinoxes. Religion and myth stems from the distorted remembrance legacy of ancestral situations and people/persons/culture heroes. That various religious notions stem from the longer living blue cone-headed flat faced almond eyed beings that came from the sky/space (heavan)(?), with their advanced technology and different planet based metabolisms giving the illusion of miracles and immortality. The inter-play between memory, intuition, imagination, the subconscious and the noumenal and the phenomenal and the now, is the truth behind ritual/mysticism/religion? 'God' comes from the German Gotan/Guthan meaning voice or to invoke, and 'Allah' comes from the Arabic 'al-ilah', a name from the traditions of moon worship? 'El Elyon', meaning 'most high'? 'El' meaning mighty/strong.

Item: Garbled 'Christianity', secret 'Christianity', Sophiaistic cults, season resurrection worship.

Item: religion= groupism, idealist forms. Just what are/were these 'gods'(Anunnaki) that Gilgamesh so wants to be/meet, are they related to the blue cone headed flat faced almond eyed beings? Islam, so called 'Christianity' and Judaism are deformities of more ancient Sumerian, Egyptian and Levantine traditions, with perhaps Judaism having a fresh contact with the source of the ancient Egyptian, Levantine traditions, such as possible contact with E.T. (extra terrestrials).

Item: 'in a religious cult, an earlier degree of culture is retained as 'leftovers'. The eras that celebrate it are not the one that devise it'. - F.W. Nietzsche.

Item: DNA 'wants' to hit the eject button? Are future humans blue and cone headed, and can manipulate the past, our 'now'? Human consciousness is being manipulated into stronger yet subtle reactionary chains, binding our minds into a more machine like binary nature? Though we are/were always binary, 'survive or survive non?'

Item: all across the world are remnants of the legend of the blue beings, in culture and media, the blue beings are remarked on, for the initiated, a confirmation, for the non initiated, patterns of unconscious truth. In popular culture and fiction we are constantly being presented with coded signals of a blue cone-headedness; we are being prepared for divine revelations?

Item: could the advanced mind/s of the blue cone headed beings be so great as to be able to reach outside of their local time area via the conscious/unconscious and influence thoughts/events in the past and/or future?

Item: Works of likeness art is rest in the bosom of G-d; for a moment you are nature's regal resolve/engine.

Item: Transience, complexity, inter-connectness, and redistribution (of matter) are all that exists?

3. Notes on 2; - and other possibilities.

For the purposes of this text the true 'universe' contains absolutely all/everything, there is non a 'parallel universe' per se; but rather another perspective/dimension of potential in the/a one true universe. Do we live in an artificial world environment. With the so called 'natural world' being seemingly filled enough with artificed sub/objects and environmental forms, -yet is the 'whole' artificial. Technology (as of 2009) is filled enough with likeness forms, both electrical-photonic/phonic/other sense forms and in inkial styles (also a form of electrical-photonic (or other sense reception) form (only more 'direct')) that this form of expression seems natural enough to the uni-verse, and that to be alive before this form of expression takes over/replaces life seems remote (and it is easy to think so (due to there always being a medium/observer/utiliser arrangement (even an amorphous blob would still have constituent parts (observer or non (without a sense of an observer is the sense of zen))). Main points of theories/hypotheses: A simulated Reality (electronic/robotic (nano)/chemical/hypnotic (implied but non actual). Asteroidal dwelling or other space faring 'vehicle', utilising a reconstruction of the natural environment, either by an electronic computer simulation or by using a large dome/sphere which the artificial life supporting environment would reside inside. The asteroidal dwelling or other space faring vehicle is accepted here as other than 'the earth' - it-self being a type of space faring vehicle. A hypnotised first experience (non-simulated) with a pathogenic/parasitic or symbiotic/beneficial exo/inter-terran/exo/inter-galactic/inter-dimensional life-form type of a historic or pre/pro-historic origin, with or with-out 'shape-changing' abilities or, a hypnotised first experience with an 'of earth' pre-historic origin and evolved life-form type, with or with-out 'shape-changing' abilities. Would this life-form type consign to a recognisable genus variation, id est; avian/arachnid/reptilian/cephalopod/bovine/chiroptera/simian/mechanical/other. In the case of an exo-sense or unclearly perceivable yet still expressible inter-dimensional life-form; would this consign to the dream-ghost-spirit/exo-terran life-form (blue cone-headed almond eyed possible genetic engineer scientist ancestor)/Jinn/ watcher/demon/ angel description and the cases of so called 'spritual possession'. How does the inter-action actually occur with such possible life-forms; by the brain's (memory/mind) areas stimulation and/or by physical gestural/ verbal act's in time (memory/other). Where do these life-forms actually dwell/exist; in space (outer)/other dimensions in space/other dimensions with-out/with-in space. Do these inter/other dimensional life-forms use tools/technology such as hammers or laser/radio beams/visual displays (how-ever seen) to inter-act or are they able to utilise a more 'organic' method for their 'communications'/interactions,i.e.; thoughts and/or types of non-artificed birth-ed limbs/appendages. Artificed technology can be thought of as 'organic' when taken into account the 'wholeness(es)' of entirety, - it's motions, grit, space and ether. Ourselves or part of our ancestral genetic selves (Genetic engineer scientist ancestor (exo-terran or non exo-terran) coupled with a more more native 'ape' form (the so-called 'beast'), did these possibly ancestral forms (blue/cone-headed/flat-faced/other-wise) develop technology to the point of being able to shift in-to/out-to (or be trapped forever in) the possible layers of the fabric (the veil) of matter/space/time (into a perceivable form), are they now able to communicate with-us in a guiding towards/avoidance of/re-solvement to/of, the situation they are 'in' (possibly trapped in the very veil/wall/fabric of the 'universe's' many adjoining conduital dimensional parts/pieces of the entirety (whaly/wholy)). Where relevant in the cases described previously and post: Who are/were the inter-national/inter-galactic/inter-dimensional mind suggesters/controllers/regulators)/ manipulators. Are they the so-called Jinns/shaitan/demons/Iblis/Aesha/angels; 'whispering' messengers to our minds from a certain cosmic energy spectrum area. Do more so-called earthly-agents use the exo-terran and/or inter-dimensional agents/agency for control and gain in the earthly plane (various groups of/in civilisation seem to fit this mold (I am hopefully sure they are doing what is right ultimately, though lack of open-ness is a point of concern)). Perhaps wide-spread inter-action with the inter-dimensional agency distorts the communication some-how, in this case let us be good/clean/helpful in karma do, let the communication be as good/whaly as should/would/could be in a good and true cosmos. Are these life-forms able to be ascribed to a known genus variation, be that reptilian or amphibian or avian or other, and are they more evolved than the supposed mammalian evolution from the early marine/amphibious/lizard model of creatures/creations. Is technology/tool use and communication inevitable to all genus variations given enough time and environmental happen-stance. Are there or are these life-forms able to 'feed' off certain thoughts/emotional states and other potential energy states in the potential offerings in/of supposed multi-dimensional life (more than the so-called combined 'struggle' advancement dialectic of life (storm/stress/back and forth-ness (movement in all directions over time)). Are 'they' us. Are we in any actual danger with/from this situation. And/or is 'danger' or pathogenic harm a meaningless super-ficial condition/concept of the avatar and there-fore certainly irrelevant to the eternal aspects - soul/spirit/akh/ba/ka; the avatar's demise merely sensed as a hiccup or broken tool/vessel. In that scenario all is permitted - nothing is harmful - in the ultimate conception/fullness of time the ultimate creator and the ultimate creative system that we are aspectly absolutely certainly a of part of, - all is very healthy. And when all is permitted a moral 'law' is certainly a good idea, and by all space and earth we have one/them in the various re-ligious commandments and creeds (all add up to a the greatest of 'streams' (regarding the perceived counter movements with-in, these are just movements of sense in/of our descriptions of time 'use'). Another scenario for a constructed (as opposed to 'a created') reality simulation would be a technology that operates on the so-called atomic/sub-atomic level; totally re-constructing the universe over and over again, in the illusions of entropy. Would these nano-technological device forms be even/ever detectable by the replicated subject forms, id est; us. So called 'organic' life would/could evolve into a machine likeness, and; be still thought of as being natural/organic by the observer/s as opposed to being labelled 'artificial' by the observer/s.

Item: copy of correspondence to the Phillip K. Dick Trust:

begin copy:

To whom it may concern, I would very much like to print the Exegesis typed page images listed at:, copies of which I would add to my own files (personal non commercial use only) that explore life as some sort of simulated or over-intelligent orientated experience. Thank-you for your consideration. Yours sincerely, *.

end copy.

Item: possible evolved future human descendants calling to us through time via DNA cosmic connections. DNA is our key to time.

Item: when younger (under 10) this author had a confused experience with a couple of now former leading U.S.A. politicians; what designs were we forced to play?

Item: And in the early days of writing these texts I had an odd happening occurr. I had spent the first part of the day at the National library in Molesworth street writing, when I left and walked into the c.b.d.; it was at the corner of Willeston and Victoria streets, outside the old B.N.Z. center's north-west corner, where two youngish females were standing, they both were wearing sunglasses, suddenly the shorter blond haired of the two started speaking lines from my mornings writings! The parts of the introduction that are about being on 'our journey' and near the ends 'off' bit. Well I say, what was I to think, were they worldly (or non worldy) spies, that I was under surveilance, abyssal coincidence, some kind of test, agents of the beyond invisible? I was innerly shocked but continued walking, I was annoyed for being messed with if indeed it was an actual event aimed at me, I wondered what agencies would/could be behind such an occurrence. Now, I wish I had confronted them somehow where they would have no course of alarm at my so called mental health, maybe it was an approach to join them? Also around this time I was waiting for someone atop the Oriental Parade's Fisherman's table restaurant, when a gathering of young men surrounded me, with them was a young boy, they then proceeded to begin to tie thin plastic lockable tie strips around the various seats and railing about the place; they were an assorted bunch with/of varying kinds of outfits and hairstyles and discernably of different ages though all young. They dissapeared when my relative I was waiting for arrived, I did non notice them go or remove the plastic ties. These occurances were quite a distraction for quite a while I can tell you, but eventually I surmised that they can only be possibly so many things, and that the feelings and thoughts I had about them could be sorted rationally, even though some of the possibilities were in the realm of the super-natural/para-normal.

Were these experiences an attempt to discredit my writings by my describing these events beings used as sign of so called 'mental unhealth', and thereby casting a doubt upon my writngs. What thoughts!

Item: Illogic likeness mind destroy. In logic is the likeness an incorrect means to convey ideas? Or does being in a likeness scenario stall/side step this evolution. Or is a likeness apart of evolution, as sure as mimickry and neuronic connections? The likeness being a natural part of the cosmic construct, along with transcience, complexity, and interconnectness.

Item: A technological sphere of secret inventions. The so called second space programme?

Item: sometimes life makes this author feel I have been initiated into a sacred family via the method of the webbed unconscious, directed by the invisible (except maybe in dreams) blue beings. I am an adept of the blue logic bliss, the ultra lodge.

Item: all is story/computer experience. Story: character and catastrophy/climax dynamics - what do, then/now?

Item: What appears to be trivial material day to day existence is in fact stepping stones to our ultimate evolution.

Item: New Zealand's Wellington city's Port Nicholson harbour is a possible sight of a psyche levels experiment. Where people as young children are arranged to be taken from their homes and to be put on a ship out in the harbour, imprisoned there for the rest of their potential “natural” lives, upto 120 years, even if they die before this time frame, they are still arranged to be “treated” as being alive until the 120 year mark. The twist is that the children are never physically taken to this ship out in the harbour, they are only arranged to be so taken out to the ship. In reality, they remain relatively unmolested in their own homes with their own families. The trick is that a part of their psychic soul is taken and put in a controlled environment, the ship. And this part, or level, of their psychic body is subjected to a 24 hour, 24/7 mind control session; that includes recorded playbacks of authoritan propaganda of subservience and non questioning of command by the chosen authority controllers. The psychic subjects are arranged to be never clothed, and have absolutely no privacy, even to toilet. (NB, as I was writing this, I received a phone call from one of the people who abused me and was weird to me as a child, infecting me with the strange secret world; so it goes)

2. Simulated reality: A theory of life 'with-in' life.

That we are actually experiencing a 'reality' simulation/mimicry with by a constructed electronic/chemical/hypnotic/other means; that at the time of this writing (03.12.2008) the author feels to be possibly inside some kind of 'false' sense experience such as a refined video display or direct brain/central nervous system (C.N.S.) stimulation simulation manipulation. The theories are as follows: That we are actually on a space-ship on a inter-stellar voyage for post earth settlement and that the most efficient method of travel for the occupants of such an 'ark' would be a consciousness stimulating 'historical simulation' whilst the patient/traveller was in a health preserving closed environment stasis 'crate' unit. That we are in a prison or larder or regime of a form of life (either ourselves from the future and/or grey/blue almond shaped eyed elongated dome/cone-headed flat-faced beings) that wants to control/eat us for safety and/or food/other resources reasons. That we are in a 'hiding' environment from these life-forms (be they grey/blue or what-ever). That the earth is no longer liveable and we are in an artificed environment for preservation in hope of the planet's atmosphere/core/mantel/crust repairing it-self or other rescue. Life from non-earth origins and other dimensions, our-selves from the future or past are all possible elements of this situation (simulated or not). These supposed non-earth life-forms (more than virus/bacteria/amoeba) are in the possible form of blue cone headed flat faced almond eyed existence forms. They are intelligent and technology using. They are our wider family, they are our brothers and sisters and indeed neighbours of creation's true universal existence. That an 'immortal' aspect/spirit/race of beings/entity/entities/spirit needs a simulacra of a mortal uni-verse to learn various historical situations, for empathy/moral/sense feelings teachings (a rehabilitation clinic/prison, or even as escapist entertainment). 'Immortal' being a distorted/relative term to a life form with a differing metabolism rate, different gravitational evolution reactions. That the simulation world is peopled by self aware (though uber controlled) 'puppet'/' actors' that are genetically engineered for the simulation to be more thorough, they are in turn occasionally 'controlled'/'influenced' by another 'viewing apart agent' to interact with the simulation 'reality'. The 'puppet'/'actor' brain and the thinking creature attached designed, has little chance to break free from the simulacra, or to express that they are indeed in one (even this author's head is spinning writing this). That we are in a ''simulation'/'replication'' for a safe form of 'combat '(or the possible struggle state with-in of true naturalness ('shaitan' being two and the entire (whaly/wholey) creational being (carrying two) is thought of as one (as in the espoused idea that life is suffering)) with various groups/life-forms and that the avatar form (material sense life as we know it) is a cover for our true existence forms; be they, homo-sapien ('human'(and the 'human' ethnicities (genetic form variations with-in the same species (of a relevant pro-creational kind)) and the combining form pro-creational gender forms (and the are/could/would be other shapes of pro-creation of life forms (genetic change/morph and hybridisation (all states of genetic engineering 'technology' (pre-'machine' artifice age or other-wise (so-called intelligent design meeting evolution (where they are really the same)))))))/blue or other-wise/mammal (blue or other-wise)/insectoidal/mechanical (ultra/nano-technology (robots))/electrical (as we surely/mindfully near fractal-atomically could/would be/are anyway (simulated/re-plicated life or other (the great so-called 'first experience' ((still)part of the entire experience re-gard)))) or other. The life form when-in such a situation (simulated life (electronically or other-wise replicated)) is given an experience where the brain's neuronic structure is preserved in a healthy state by a possible quota series of problem/solution scenarios, keeping us in a hope-full though possibly truly quite de-ceiving healthy (meaning stimulated (moving/fluid)) mental state; and letting us non actually hurt each-other (though what occurs in our minds should be treated as real regardless, and treated as such (in a moral charitable righteous way)). Let all creation be one in health/technology evolution (intelligent design on every level of experience; simulated or not). Regarding the problem/solution scenario, when you are regarding a problem/solution you are very much a part of the problem/solution; the law of relativity and indeed relevance is the protocol of this experience. What occurs in your 'mind' is what occurs in your 'mind' regardless of cultural/technological factors. Be righteous/healthy all-ways, every-one and every-thing. Here is a draft of a letter trying to explain this without seeming ex-rational;

Begin copy:

To whom it may concern As a juvenescent I was told that the 'world' was a reality simulation construct (either by electronic/chemical/hypnotic means) - and that intelligent forms of life which were described as either being blue and serpent-like or reptilian (other than homo-sapien reptile genetic ancestor?) were involved in the 'world's' populations affairs and the 'world's' governments and adjoining offices. I was told that the 'world' was at war in this scenario. I did non really put much credence in this told portrayal of things, on a day to day level I felt that it was a valid enough theory - yet better to be put aside for my day to day doings. I care non for blame or 'conflicts'; I wish to be free of the under-handedness that seems to be the crux of the matter I am now trying to express with an intent to resolve. I wish to be part of a great journey of change where absolutely all creation's forms in the absolute inter-existing sense are one in absolute rightness - and absolute movement in the form of moral and technological advancement be a kind to this rightness. So be this. May the great wind of truth hold us in it's wholey heart, be well. Signed *.

End copy.

That the 'world's' religion's are actually the description for this possible scenario, 're-ligion' meaning 'to be bound', describing the form of our-selves in the stasis unit tube. And 'shaitan/satan' which means 'oppose/problem' in Hebrew is the main field paradigm for our simulated existence; problems simulated so as to keep us in a healthy mental state while the simulated body sleeps. Of course there would be a real 're-legion' when we awake from the simulation, that of the truely experienced environmental universe and the true “creator's handiwork”; and this would be the universe, a 'first' prime moved universe, on our awakening. Of-course upon realisation of consciousness ('be on earth as in outer space' (Holy Bible: Bk:Mtthw 6:9-13/Lke 11:2–4)) at any point in a simulated experience or a real one that too would be the 'prime moved moment', near fractal realisation of consciousness to a degree where we reach the true reality; the experience of revelation to the ultimate creative system, becoming part of the absolute creation reality. Bless that moment of our eternal awakening in a true and wholy (holy) righteous way. The concepts of 'Re-ligion' is a near fractal truth permeating every aspect of creation; simulated or not. The true and wholy (holy) creator would be the creator of all life; be it what-ever genus in variations. The analogues of the true material life in a simulated one, could be the Jewish 'skull-cap' worn as a simulated representation of the brain-body and simulation interface device. That the Jewish skull cap suppresses/enhances informs the 'possession' effect of our possible ancestral genetic scientists forms (that are/were possibly blue and high-cone-headed, flat-faced, multi limb (?) appendaged life-forms). That the book's of the Torah (exodus/wilderness) are describing our flight and situation in this simulation. That moral/wholy law (the commandments) are applicable in/to both the real life and a/the simulated 'life'; as what occurs in our 'minds' should be respected regardless of actual matter state. Also the use of a conical dome hat in other de-nominations of religion point to a possible analogue of the appearance of the high-dome/cone headed 'flat faced' possibly blue/grey life forms (our possible ancestral genetic scientist's who altered the more native to earth ape and other organisms with their so-called celestial/heavenly (outer space/space-vessel/other planets) selves. The various 're-ligeous' laws being a code of conduct to smooth the true bodies decieved life when in a/the distanced central nervous system de-ception/mimicry 'illusion'/simulation of life. The allowance to discuss the 'de-ception' (voluntary or non voluntary de-ception) that is a possible simulated life would be a cause of conflict to the actual soul/ba/true body and the simulated one, as this de-ception would be only 'faintly' perceived actually when in the almost total mimicry of life offered to the central nervous systems senses/sense organs. Other analogues relevant to the theory of simulated life being the concepts of 'forms' with-in a so-called noosphere, where/when experienced places a 'distance of ideal' between the subject/object and the observer; this too would be an analogue of philosophical religious (theological) thought for a natural life within the artificial 'life' (and vice versa). Also there is always a 'gap' between shapes of life, there is always an agency/medium that carries the truth, be they titled the 'central nervous system', or a noosphere, or inter-dimensional space/time warp ethereal communication, energy language symbolic translations, they are all one, all tells in the sounds of energies movement, perception is all, the super-ficial shape-form is of all as-well, perception is all, between nebulae, between the dust, dialecticaly one in the combining sense. That computer's reasoning mechanical logic is a near fractalised reflection of how the cosmos actually is, like we all ultimately are (is) a reflection of the wholey and ultimate cosmic uni-verse and dimensional planes (and possible other stuff (ultra)) there-of. Zen, way, be. Even in a simulated experience we should keep the Commandments. Let us treat the simulation (likeness image) with a right respect of helpfulness, charity and correct use of our selves and environment. Let us be moral and good even when we feel; to be in 'false' reality. What we still choose to think and 'think to do' is real even in a simulation. Let us obey the law/s of nature (including our legal laws), let us obey the laws of Humanity and the creator of humanity. All is creation, all is real to our mind even when we are 'dreaming', let us preserve each-other in charity and moral/technological advancement. So this be.

Item: Could a mimicry of life be administered via a control host/parasite naturally, i.e.; a flanged energy form (corporeal/in-corporeal) that can 'tap' and 'dial', use/control/manipulate our senses/thoughts/deeds to a degree only slightly perceived (or however we may like to face this scenario whilst actually occurring), in a/the actual first experience of the uni-verse or a simulated experience of the uni-verse. Is this supposed organism an exo-terran phenomena or more ourselves from future/past evolutionary forms (quantum inter-dimensional waves or non).

Item: The so-called 'age of en-lightenment' (16th/17th century) would be a possibly ideal entry point/seam for the actual to become the simulation/mimicry, and/or for the evidence of a/the exo-human factor or for contact with the an 'advanced' technological life-form (either ourselves (future/past or a more 'foreign' agency (E.T. (exo-terran)). Or at least an accelerating point was reached here, either in an external devise or by our own evolution (Genetically altered by external artifacing agents (blue cone headed beings) or non).

Item: a series of 'invasions', leading to the current situation, so that there is all the scenarios being true and relevant to varying points of degree. Creatures in any and all combinations/exo-terran based or non, these creatures on 'earth', are they the siblings/spies of a more advanced technology/tool using exo-terran genus variation (visible/in-visible, shape-shifting or non, inter-dimensional or non, possessing/controlling people or non, with pathological intentions or non, a simulation mimicry or non).

Item: G.E., E.T., S.R. (Genetic engineering, exo-terran, simulated reality).

Item: the fact that this scenario can be discussed must mean that there are instances that our relationship with a possible simulated life and/or possessed by exo-'us' creature symbiotic forms are evident. Time/sense perception distortions; premonitions, extreme co-incidences, intuitions (inner voices and feelings without a direct sense cause (though still probably from memory store)) are all cascading permissions to deal with the 'sense' that there seems more to life than our direct causal streams allow. This sense of 'more to life than what appears to the senses', can be explained away as natural perception distortions/role model problems/un-helpful memories, counsellingand the so-called mental 'un-health' system, that will take care of the pathological symptoms to a degree, but what of the fact that the institution of control for the treatment of the so called 'un-health' itself would be in cahoots with the control agency and working in the entirety of time to effectually cause the pathology in the first place. Or that the mental health system requires a battery of restraining factors via brute force and chemicals is that the illusion and control is real regardless of physical impairment to the sensory cognitive system, people can see that the world has problems (a simulated world or non). Would problems even exist in a real and natural world, would everything be in the right-place in that regard, this cosmic experience of order where wrong is impossible and mis-use un-thinkable. In a/the true actual first experience non-simulated universe the chain of mi-use is non-existing (that is a very big question), and how ruthless is that universe with those who near mis-use paths (instant expulsion) when possible mis-use occasions. That the universe is always 'experienced' with delay (via the central nervous system/cosmic ethers/gravity) is probably the reason that the notion of a simulated life can be questioned even when one feels/intuitively knows and is encouraged to feel that the world is actually a simulated mimicry (by any means). The actual experience of knowing one was in a simulated mimicry world, when the apparatus of estrangement was almost total, either/both internal bodily manipulations of/via the central nervous system pattern mimicry and/or external via electro waves to the receptor sites (wither by photon/audio/vibration to the specific sense organs surface or radiation/signal to the nerves organs (non-surface).

Item: technological dream, webs in spirals, connections with-in connections.

Item: The exo-'us' beings would/could be us from the future/past evolutionary paths, trapped in or purposefully using the inter-dimensional energy spectrum relationships for mutual gain/non-gain resource needs.

Item: Would there be detrimental factors involved for those wishing to express the possible simulated mimicry of life to others (or the even overly acknowledgement of such to oneself (rather than an all-ways knowing intuitively that you were in such a state in a more quiet/passive manner), a sense of moral flexibility could/would be the greatest danger, in that being a simulated experience one could mis-use the re-creation mimicry constructions environment/inhabitants/subjects with impunity, so we have the idea of a 'chemical hurt/burn', or dis-agreeable sensations to prohibit such incidental behaviour, and/or a leading into a distasteful state for the user-mis-user to cease from 'mis-using'/straying from the the play-act's story line (Ka)/letting the mask slip in a/the possible artificial environments and inhabitants and subjects. Would these pathological factors of life be the guardians of the illusion (ka/karma 'programmes'/programmes), 'guiding' the user (soul/ba)/avatar (iconic 'flesh' idol) in the possible simulation mimicry of cosmic life existence. This text is a long-form essay on this very question, be non annoyed/harmed by this/these text/s, the author prays for that/this (at some point in time on some level of the cosmic existence (simulated and non) this text is/was true enough to be expressed, the author believes the cosmos in it's entirety can adapt to this/that, that with patience/ kindness/charity/support society is the/a synarchistic togetherocracy on all levels/layers/ways.

Item: the mechanics of actually existing in a simulated electronic, chemical, hypnotical, semantic 'world', would involve; a comfortable controlled passive environment for subject to be manipulated arbitrarily, the possible removal of physical biological parts, the insertion and over-riding (simulated mimicry) of the central nervous system's sense/feeling organs and means of communication of these organs/brain. Subtle entry/removal of bodily intakes/wastes. The mimicry of the nerves experiences would be possible with a studied reaction capture of the various chemical/electrical patterns/movements and then merely re-produce these chemical/organ feelings almost totally. The subject would instinctively react to this/these reproduction(s) of natural chemical/organ action which are occurring in the brain/spine/organs regardless of an actual experience or a simulated one. The subject in this environment of control would only sometimes 'tangibly' feel the illusion by little subtle clues/intuition when experiencing cognitive distortions/memories of semantic/illustrative examples that indeed you were experiencing a simulated reality with-in a life. When one is told by others with-in the illusion that you are in-deed actually inside an artificed designed superficial 'experience', the feeling reaction to this statement made by others is a time of great clarity; and yet confusion as one attempts to work out what is a real thought/feeling and what is merely a superficial simulatedly learned one.

Item: Are the blue or blue/grey cone-headed flat-faced almond eyed beings a false scenario of the simulated illusion world for control by alluding to the simulations existence, and then by acting as a safe outlet for discussing that the simulated world is always deeply - yet non superficially - known to in fact be by the actual user (soul/ba); or are they in fact the administrators and re-ceiving agents for the simulated mimic ''world'/other''s 'realness', though still manipulated and possessed in the actual cosmos by/in either case, or that the world we live in is actually a/the true, first and actual experience of/in the cosmos without simulationisation mimicries (though again this is still a semantic distortion due to the analogues of sense experience always requiring a/the other/medium dialectical reasoning, to think other is a very 'floaty' and open concept indeed, yet all these concepts and feelings exist regardless. This diagram: '[ . ]', represents the concept of subject/object in a describable to others scenario scenario. This diagram: '[[ . ]]', represents an added layer of a descriptive telling factor to the other/ourselves dimension. Relevance to the participating observer in both urgency of time-scape and subject is the key to our relationship with the pressure/float (gravity stone and water) of existence.

Item: in a simulated 'reality', the question is; who/what controls the plug/s, is a mortal end (death) the only 'un-plugging' method, or can we will ourselves 'awake', by self suggestion/deal reasoning with any/the monitors/agents who may/may non be monitoring the simulated 'environ'(as described/utilised by the 'world's' various religion groups).

Item: the question 'are we living in a simulation/mimicry of a first experienced life', would naturally arise in an/the era(/s)/epoch(/s) where likeness technology is as much prevalent and involved to the high regard, as likeness technology is as of 2009. Also the anthropomorphic personification distortion of machines and other 'non-alive' things would occur with the prevalence of machines in daily life in developed areas as of 2009 ('alive', machines can be see as being 'alive' when the frame of reference accepts that the uni-verse is alive, and every-thing/all in the uni-verse is alive too, including machines).

Item: In the theory that hierarchies of relevance in (an ultimately) unified communistic groupings within groupings of a larger population is humanities nature in space and mass and time, that the questions, 'am I some kind of cephalopodal creature experiencing a simulation of human experiences, or, am I human imagining/dreaming that I am some kind of cephalopodal creature' - and - 'am in a simulation of a life 'within' an actual life' are valid questions taking into account the current epoch-era's reliance/utilisation of likeness technology for communication/administration of daily occurrencesthat use the likeness technology (as of 2009). The analogue of 'future knowledge' in the 'mind's eye', is an example of why/how one would think that one was living in a simulation of life, when these 'mind sight' imaginings of future events take place, they feel, like they are being presented like a video show, and therefore are an analogous form for thinking that one is in a likeness simulation. These questions are valid ones giving the current era's use of likeness technology, the question 'are we alive in a simulation' would arise in such the given circumstances as listed above.

Item: that everything is space and mass in inter-relating forms in relative gravitational fields of that space and mass, and that even space is a material mass. That a true vacuum exists is the next question (can nothing actually exist is this next question).

Item: that in the interlacing fields of a near fractalising symbiotic web of imagined and actual forces that is life, our interplay would filter back on-itself upon the physical bodies demise and replay until the age of one hundred and twenty (120) was reached. That re-creation of a defined life is a quantum gravity effect of the wave-formic spectrum we are made up of, with a 'narrative' inter-play function being a symptom effect of that gravity. The uni-verse as a whole would possibly also take part in the re-creation as the giant entropic cooling/crushing (so called ''black' holes')/coiling endlessly in repeating loops until the greatest age is reached, with out errors. Is this also the nature of the supposed simulation/mimicry (see previous).

Item: the supposed arachnid/ophidian/reptilian/bovine/avian/chiroptera/cephalopod/other beings, blue/gray or otherwise, cone headed or otherwise, shape-shifting or non, that these beings can be described yet non met (except in rumours and dreams and their more common examples) as of time of writing (2009) is interesting. I blame morphic confusion/distortion and non-linear cognitive forces imposed upon the paranoid?

Item: non-linear perception/cognition and influence (in time) via the conscious/ subconscious. The water pipes/water supply being changed/affected; a symptom to my belief that life is some sort of game/simulation with a meme using antagonist (the blue cone headed beings again?). Only those who have been to the place of absolutes can capture those coincidences/visions that are so strong as to absolutely point to 'life as inter-connected 'dream' scape/abode.

Item: Samsara, the world of illusion (maya) in Indian thought.

Item: everything is a likeness, two states, one force, agained in negative.

Item: the unconscious is a quantumly smeared space-time perception factory. The part of the mind-brain not to do with immediate sense experience is the layered unconscious. Who and/or what are we really, when the reactive world falls away?

Item: Living in a pre-first-death (a/the great initiation) simulated experience takes us away from prime moved sense reality and is there-fore non wanted, unless the simulation's authorities (Archon's) deem the simulated experience as needed for cultural reasons such as in a society of boundless immortals.

Item: the prevalence and apparent 'attraction' of likeness technology and likeness mimicking behavior gives rise to the notion that we are currently 'inside' of a likeness or simulation of actual reality as first experienced via the senses.

1. The alphabet backwards and the consensus reality.

Learning to recite (both to one self and aloud) the alphabet backwards is a great way to spend the time when you are waiting or otherwise at a loose end. Learning to recite the alphabet inside out, n,m,-l,o,-k,p,-j,q, et cetera is also a great way to spend the time when you are waiting or otherwise at a loose end. More categories of (a) wild woods law. Gratitude's of author paranoia, emotions of solace and hide in mediums input of varying shapes and directions, likenesses or non, time and now. The psychic freedom and solitude achieved by doing unique activities creates new neural connections of a type that wins over the overpopulated and paranoid societies general feeling of pain and unhealthy escape forms i.e.; alcohol, fiction (though fiction can express truthes, but the form itself is unsettling), et cetera.

"A man can be himself only so long as he is alone; ... if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom; for it is only when he is alone that he is really free." -Schopenhauer, "The World as Will and Idea," 1818.

Unique complex behaviours open up paths in the future do realm of mental activity and any subsequent thoughts, allowing one to feel mentally open and fresh. For instance with the thought experiment that follows: 'There is no third dimension, only two that shift a lot'. How does this make you feel, how did you mentally react to that sentence. Could you feel consensus reality tearing? Having new and unique (in regards to your own self's activities) experiences gives one an instance of freedom from the usual chains of thought one usually has. Doing new and unique things enough and you can reprogramme your behaviour and thought patterns into more use-full and healthy ways. Belief in numbers, belief in one, belief is power, the prophets gun.

Vision of version, version of vision, speak to us VICO, thinking indeed of facts told by spluttering greedy and over folded fools, and I do non like to call people fools. Words of extension, words of good worth; what else do we see, when called upon to toot a little melody called thinking in line normality. Kill the parent form enough times to sober the wondering child. Work nurses from outer planet song - forget Doctor you called me here - you are the future of my disease. Accept the parent form, their voices will soon subside in the maelstrom of fucante, future again, where are my galoshes. Formulate obvious response, clever, what is that word, there, behind the smile.

Self coloured, and self touching the logos of parent forms, unless, you can weird your self up something good and proper, and the parent forms will fall into relief and you can finally discern your own mind. The established order is disorder, that's what 'they' want you to feel, to distract you.

0. Sacred shapes in urban design: A journey out of dis-information and ignorance concerning Freemasonry and the so-called new world order.

In city block design, Wellington city, Aotearoa New Zealand's capital, features the pentagram design in it's governmental and central business zone. In Wellington the base point of an inverted pentagram is at the corner of Featherston Street and Waring Taylor Street (Fulbright House) - with the old now dis-used Freemason lodge at centre (corners of Stout Street and Whitmore Street). In Washington D.C. the area that houses the so called 'White House' is designed around the Kabbalah's 'concept shape' 'the Sefirot' (sephira/sephirot/sefiroth/sephirah) the so-called Tree of Life. Is there a vague Pentagram shape in Roma, Italy surrounding the Vatican?.

120-124 Featherston Street, Fulbright House: Building directory (as of October, 2008):

8. Fulbright New Zealand

7. BP Oil NZ

6. Smokefree Coalition

Te Reo Marama

Obesity Action Coalition

5. ------- ----- Financial Services

------ Finance

4. Megabyte

---- --------

------, Lawyers

----- Law

3. Change By Design

Illuminate Consulting

Prosys Consulting

The Central Vault

Office --- ----

2. Signify Ltd (a smarter web company)

1. Health Sponsorship Council

(marketing social change)

Technical Information for Fulbright House: Year of construction; 1981, legal land code is Lot 5 DP10807, designated use as office/retail/Hair salon, property owned by Park Property Holdings LTD, PO Box 5053. Note - In the building inspection page in the foyer the building is titled 'Fullbright House'.

The Fulbright organisation is related to the United Nations Organisation (U.N.) head quartered in Manhattan, New York City and the commonwealth governmental offices of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and Trade (New Zealand/other common-wealth countries). The building that houses the main offices of the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Wellington, New Zealand (HSBC Tower, 195 Lambton Quay) can be viewed from a certain angle to resemble a 'knife' pointing to the sky. A possible likeness representing a view of defence against the sky, or non (just a knife). A knife as symbol for the yang, Hindu notion of a terrible aspect of the 'divine' (space ship/missile/ comet), comet/asteroid, associated with iron (metal) as to ward off calamity, old testament/covenant. Also on north eastern side of corners Ballance St - Lampton Quay was a site titled 'Masons Grant' accoring to a 1892 map.

With the old Freemason Lodge at the centre of Wellington's street pentagram configuration (corner of Stout Street and Whitmore Street), they are relevant local/modern source/re-introduction of such symbology in landscape design. And is it relating to ancient astro-worship surrounding the planet Venus and Venus's related astral conjunctions and other orbital phenomena? Also this particular lodge (Stout st) was connected to a strain of French Freemasonry that did non attribute powers/worship to a 'supreme creator', Rt Wor. Bro. Robert Stout and others constructed lodges under the Grand Orient of France which were unrecognised by neither New Zealand or English Masonic Constitutions. The Stout Street Lodge has a establishment date in the masonry of 1903 so the Grand Orient of France connection may be irrelevant.

195-201 Willis Street, Freemason House; building directory (as of October, 2008):

7. Compass House (EX WIPA)

Capital PHO

7. Matpro

Wellington region Diabetes Trust

6. Trio Group (NZ) Limited

Cardlink Systems Limited

Maximum Availability Limited

Freemasons New Zealand

5. The Sysdoc group (1)

The Training Recruitment Company

5. New Zealand Society Of Physiotherapists Incorporated

New Zealand College Of Physiotherapy Incorporated

4. Dinniss Communications

-- --- -------- and Associates (P2P LTD)(2)

Voice Perfect

4. NZ Minerals Industry Association

3. Bilbrough Tiller and(3) CO LTD

Health Regulatory Authorities

Secretariat Limited

3. Dietitians Board of New Zealand -

(Te Mana Tohunga Matai Kai)

New Zealand Chiropractic Board -

Optometrists and(4) Dispensing

Opticians Board

Osteopathic Council -

(Te Kaunihera Raweke Wheuaua o Aotearoa)

Podiatrists Board of New Zealand -

(Te Poan Tiaki Waewae o Aotearoa)

1. Ministry of Social Development -

- Regional Office

G. Total Copy and(5) Print Limited

Also on ground level was a retail store titled 'Lights for Living'. (1) - The 'the' and 'group' were displayed in slanted italics. (2,3,4,5) - The 'and' was displayed as an ampersand (&). A series of dashes (---) is deleted information (names and other information deemed unsuitable by author).

The points of the noted 'inverted' (as by 'north - south') pentagram shape in Wellington are at various street intersections/parks/flag poles and such; is this integration of the shape (pentagram) in landscape a Knights Templar/Freemason (and/or other) thing right from the modern perspective of an older symbolic tradition (perhaps Levantine pre or pro an exo-terran intelligence contact). The full design (of the 'inverted' pentagram) is really fully revealed from above and through noting the locations of various sites. A lot of the 'world's' landscape and organisations - urban and otherwise (both 'natural' and artifices) - features this design, it is from (the) ancient symbology of our lives (E.T. origin theories and beyond) and/or modern Knights Templar/'Freemason' and similar organisations that have tapped this tradition. Vague is the use of the shape non that it is there. The use - either as a form of conflict resolution/instruction or a Venus (planet) issue or as a clue to intelligent design (the so called golden ratio (1.61803398 ...)), a hexagonal storm on Saturn possibly another); what ever other plan, the shape is there, and it is of interest and relevance to the subject (pentagram). The oldest use of the pentagram is as a visual description of the planet Venus and it's orbit around the Sun as seen from earth, which traces a pentagram shape. The conjunction of Mercury and Venus that occurs around every 480 years is known as the 'Shekinah'. 'Jerusalem' is named after Venus in it's evening setting. The pentagram is sometimes thought 'satanic' in some quarters only because in the past the so called Roman Church tried to destroy some older traditions like the symbol and traditions surrounding the pentagram, and some reactionary types have ignorantly used the pentagram symbol connected with various pathological behaviour. Here is another (possibly relevant) draft of a letter;

begin copy:

To whom it may concern, I was exposed to some very discouraging words/thoughts/deeds when I was younger regarding groups such as Gilgamesh-Enkidu-Mountain God-Father skizms or Para/post-Abraham /Moses ideas/'Freemasonry'/''Babo-Zoro-Abro-lon''/'para-zoroastrianism'; I think many people were, and sometimesstill are via the various media and such. The people I was exposed to were obsessed that 'Freemason's' and or 'Pre/Post sacrifice avatar of sun/god/el model' were a secret 'world manipulating - exo-terran (blue, blue/grey or other colour) -life is a simulated reality - base human nature experimenters' 'cult', and reacted to that accord. I have been exposed to people who use 'Freemasonry' as a depository for every 'cult' theory out there, from an 'extra-terrestrial' ghost invasions to an artificial world world world world world world world economy designed for controlled division/unity games of mind/deeds (also related to an exo-terran (or non E.T.)/mind controlling (or at least 'to the mind suggesting') ghost invasion (of/by secret chiefs?/ancestral or non blue (arachnid/serpentine?) flat-faced, large almond shaped eyes, cone-headed space-time warp inter-dimensional creatures (a possible analogue of/for the ghost/spirit/jinn idea)). I can quite clearly see the effect 'Freemasonry' has had on several governments and world society/economy, I can read and see these influences, 'Freemasonry' does non seem so secret to me really (though I was told about it and there-fore the obviousness may-be suggested). Nor does 'Freemasonry' scare me (with help I think from reading books on 'Freemasonry' by Freemasons and non-Freemasons alike). If 'Freemasonry' as a whole is an institution for control and pathology of human affairs (as expressed by others and possibly suspected by moi) then where is human moral will-power in that? Taken away by ''spiritual'/physical' means? If 'Freemasonry'/'para-zoroastrianism' has any styles of influence on public life then (by crikey) there should be non exclusion to the public regarding 'para-zoroastrianism'/'Freemasonry' and the mechanisations of that influence/relevance to the public life ('exo-terran'/future (or past) human spirit/ghost's take over or non, and the quantum wave function inter-relative web of cause and consequence we are all part of any-way, in this, the cosmos). I respect that there are aspects of 'Freemasonry'/'para-zoroastrianism' that are 'secret'(sacred), I place this in the category of 'relevance', just as every organisation has it's own expressed code of conduct and such. The question is that beyond the handshakes, play acts and other rituals, is there an aspect of 'para-zoroastrianism'/'Freemasonry' on the whole that is pathological to human affairs and life in general on a day to day real level, in the entirety of time all events are related, simulated or non, all is now when it comes to our morality, non some airy rumoured 'philosophical/Hegelistic-dialectical/blue cone-headed E.T. (or non E.T.) noosphere/nu-men (and V.R./ghost-spirits of such)/Jinn-ghosts (exo-terran or non E.T.)) controlling human hosts/life is simulated reality (on or off asteroidal space-ship)/para-zoroastrianic agreements/blue cloak with gold planets and stars printed on it/Lucifer Vs Adonai' regards, which are relevant to the things themselves, and true to only our own/others pathway/s in the web of forces that links all things. I seem to have questions about all that's listed above; and is it/it is pathological to my/others personal well being in that a quite considerable chunk of my mind is filled with those designs -as much as I can sometimes dis-credit it for being distracting 'conspiracy', yet really my day to day logical mind does non have a clear and present danger signal for these things (except as thought memory/dream?/theory?), or, I am intimidated to the effect that I am manipulated to non think it does, so is what I write relevant or true in any sense that matters to other's or even myself (really). Let us be honest and true in all our thoughts/deeds, all-ways/all-levels of/in life (simulated or non, the user (soul/ba/ka)/avatar (simulated flesh icon) unite in thought/deed, true morality this describes). Being myself an apparent non-'para-zoroastrianist'/'non-Freemason' or so-called 'fellow traveller'; to me 'para-zoroastrianism'/'Freemasonry' largely and hopefully is a good organisational method for sharing knowledge and uniting humanity via what is shared in the various world's religious denominations and other cultural ('CULT'ural) regards. If 'para-zoroastrianic' groups and 'Freemasonry' is a method for/administration of 'exo-terran' (or non exo-terran, i.e.; future/past humans (or genetic parts thereof)-ghost (Jinn), ophidian takeover and/or other invasion of human kind, manipulation of energy cause/consequence streams, then let us deal with that good naturedly/whole heartedly/with great openness. Personally I have always wondered about the lack of a space or hyphen between the 'free' and 'mason', surely 'Free-mason' or 'Free Mason' is more proper (am I either wrong or right on that). And is the 'free' in 'Freemason' from 'free-stone' or is it from 'free' in general (was this question taken care of with the change in to the term 'Free and accepted'). Kind regards, * .

end copy.

Item: various sites in Europe (and indeed around the world/cosmos) feature this 'sacred geometry', the Languedoc area of southern France features a pentagramal (and other geometric shapes) alignment in the wider landscape, specifically a mountainous five peaked perfect configuration of a pentagram is sited there. The Vatican city site in Rome is in the centre of a city street formed pentagram (though not aligned 'invertedly' to north/south, actually I strain to see a pentagram at all there). The island of Bornholm's (off Denmark) featured churches forms an 'inverted' pentagram (and other shapes) when aligned with the near-by island of Ertholmene (Christiansø), this is related to the more modern (though still (so called)middle ages) Templar tradition, revealing/relating possibly to a/the more ancient knowledge passed on by/of Enoch (Noah's ancestor) or other/s in the historic epochs (pre-deluge (possibly a flood caused by an ice shelf movement/comet/other astral body collision (a possible fabrication of/for control with-in the simulation/mimicry reality)).

Item: the pentagram as featuring in artificed designs and in an organised landscape (simulated or non) form as reminder form of/from our possible exo-terran genetic origins, and/or possible existence in a simulated reality posit and the organisational forms (either by para-zoroastrianism (a re-ligious form employing strongly supported agreements/contracts by it's followers)/other 're-ligions') to promote health whilst in these scenarios (G.E., E.T. ancestors, simulated reality, et cetera).

Item: down Featherston Street, in a office buildings main foyer, veiwable from the street, was a remarkable mural/wall sculpture, it featured

Item: 'Pentagram' was described by/in the ancient Sumerian area as 'UB'; meaning 'corner, angle, nook (small enclosed space)'. The Pythagoreans came to know the pentagram as 'Hygeia' meaning 'health'. Various cultures from varying epochs/eras all had a system of belief regarding the Pentagramic shape (five senses/'man'), though the base origin would be the transit of Venus's shape to earth, which would be of an issue to/by the exo-terran ancestors, and the astronomer-priests who continued the knowledge after there apparent still going absence (at least 'clearly' so as of 2009), except as by myth/rumour/dream.

Item: 'para-zoroastrian'/'para-zoroastrianism'/other?, and the so called contracts/agreements/deals of; is a notion of using the quantum wave function inter-relating links in space-time of our imagination, of the our potential thoughts/deeds, of our actions only begun and then ceased, there is an arena of space-time potential that is 'felt'/'imagined', and thus entering the mind either clearly or sub-consciously. For example the sub-conscious use of imagining talking to someone while they sleep, or being near the person, and imagining talking to them, can actually affect the person, via the quantum wave function of our electrified minds 'smearing' through space-time. Intimidation/threatening behaviour when the person is pre-language (pre-semantical logic (though karmic physical logic is present), i.e.; a baby and/or altered state of consciousness can affect the person deeply through out their life, some 'parents'/people use this to control the juven form and later into later stages.

Item: that the so called 'Catholic' Church, and such are all a mask for/of an organised merged system based upon the ancient 'para-zoroastrianic' 'religion' and other solar/astro worship concerns, which is possibly from an exo-terran intelligence agency for controlling/assisting any evolved creation being that still has remnants of the so called 'beast' in behaviour/nature. That even a highly evolved life-form would need to utilise some system of 'restraint'/channelling for the more violent/brutal nature still inherent within the cosmos.

Item: Global trade and to a lesser extent banking monopolies are extensions of natural phenomena? Since tribes traded with the tribes in the next valley global trade has occurred, and banking monopolies are an extension of tribal chieftainship?. Freemasonry, global trade initiatives, and world banking systems are all tied together through a history of certain cultural advantages. Is the covenant between authority, violence, secrets and ignorance and the status quo, conditioned fairly in the modern world. Or is this the only way that a modern civilisation can be. Given Free-masonry is in the decline members wise (as of 2010); has the function of Freemasonry been fulfilled, i.e.; the general population is educated now to histories true re-ligious forms, having defeated dogma's and the (possibly mentally ill) Roman Catholic/para-zoroastrianic 'Pauline' Christianity and all it's occulted layers. Though the 'Pauline Christianity' as presented in the text of the so-called 'The New Testament' features some useful advice, the deformity of Judaism, Levantine and Egyptian tradition that occurs is really quite unacceptable given the amount of Roman interference and their motives.

Item: The so called 'para-zoroastrianic' and 'para-zoroastrianic' type groups (Rosicrucian et cetera; though some of these groups use non naming and non physical appearance utilisation (i.e.; hoods (cowls), knives, blue capes/cloaks with gold astral symbols on), will some-times meet for a 'refresher' of there violent resolve to enforce their agreements/contracts, though of course this type of behaviour negates the agreement by the very nature of an agreement, making it non-agreeable. A contract must be truly of a combined agreeable form to be relevant/true. Using the wearing of Hoods/cloaks and Knives and violent gesture/language, even when only imagined/intentioned, is morally wrong, life has found a logical call path, the more physical pressure of our interactions logic is only needed surely when their is a history of physical pressure in kind.

Item: the feelings that pressure groupings ('para-zoroastrianism' et cetera) taps (applied underhanded or other-wise), is temperature/vibration (a web of quantum 'consciousness' effect that links all creation of the cosmos/one true all encompassing uni-verse), the physical cues for such thoughts are sometimes subtle, an anguished glare ('glowing'/'dark' eyes)/facial expression, a pause to draw upon the thought memory of an/the enforced judgement situation (with all the paraphernalia (hoods (cowls), cloaks, altars, bricked cavern (simulating a cave), knives, a (sacrificial) altar, the restrained subject (person on the altar)), the inheritance of tribal support in situations is the memory, from our primal selves race memory. The near fractal of violence that we have inherited is now manipulated via rumour and chain reactions of feeling and the cognitive connections we connect to such feelings in order to harness/channel this inherited 'primal' feeling.

Item: imagination is real, and the avatar is the 'physical'/material nexus manifestation of all the potential imaginings (the imagination is spirit?), be honest and control with righteous and good prayer-meditation to really understand all.

Item: That the para-zoroastrianism Cult, is an outmoded Romanised version of an older ritual stemming from the Persian region celebrating an ancient execution (possibly of a rival 'G-d'), intoned by the bull/other for the ritual's sake.

Item: That all the so called 'conspiracies'; from artificial economic systems and banking monopolies (and other groups (para-zoroastrianic beliefs, Freemasons et cetera) to extra-terrestrials are methods of understanding/control this simulation of life (or a first experienced life). The theory that this theory of a 'simulated experience' of life is a distraction from/of these so called 'conspiracies' and related factors in order to weaken any resistance to them (the conspiracies), remember the blue cone headed beings!

Item: Freemasonry is ancient worship/traditions kept alive and questioned, pre literate communique techniques, secretive in order to escape persecution by Roman Catholic types (who perhaps have even more secrets).

Item: the pentagram appears in various natural forms, as well as in Venuses transit orbit some fruits and some flowers follow a pentagram pattern.

Item: with artificed dialectical 'struggle' scenarios occurring at a point in the history of, with notional and actioned, via/by direct and non-direct agent sources, artificed dialectical processes of population decrease and control, over certain periods of time. So called 'games' of population decrease and control, over certain periods of time, and using a strange underhanded method of delivering the processes of population decrease and control over certain periods of time. 'New World Order'ness/'Freemasonry' is just one aspect of the web-ed forces of/for population decrease and control over certain periods of time, and being in whole a-part of the so called 'New World Order' ('N.W.O.')?

Item: copy of a letter addressing the issues listed above:

begin copy:

Dear *.* My current concerns regarding governance issues at the moment are as follows: The espoused notion that the New Zealand economy (amongst other nations) is in fact an artificed concern by an 'illusionary' economic banking system (up-to and including the Inter-nationally relevant World Bank, International Monetary Fund and fractional reserve banking system, other connection?), that plays upon a 'boom-bust' cycle to manipulate co-operation of the populations of the relevant areas in unseemly 'I thought you knew' scenarios of strange moral and technological advancements in time. That 'New World Orderisation'/'New World Orderness' is the relevant station for this letter's being. Though populations (of any size) need helping/suggesting/controlling methods to save us from a 'she'll be right' attitude that will probably lead to faulty/dangerous roads, faulty/dangerous goods and services et cetera, there is an unseemly underhandedness in the presentation of such a scenario ('behind the scenes' governance issues). The belief that what-ever can be done by the evolving social contract of population and the administration of the population is right by virtue of it's very occurrence, needs work, as there is an issue of 'pressure' that is underhanded in it's presentation via the distracting of the population, and the presenting of 'saviours' from the distraction that are in fact all belonging to the same administrative method. The so called Catholic-para-zoroastrianic Church, the so called Freemasons, the so called Reserve Bank, all the other so called 'groups'/'cults' that abound in this 'world' (with all their superficial forms, such as, caps, hoods (cowls), knives, tanks, money et cetera), are all just distracting 'boshy-bosh' that leads to their occurrence in the first place in an illusion of need. We have lived in a violent 'world', that needed control methods, now is the time for a great presentation of honesty, to allow the 'world' to be truly one, in a full spectrum of use that is right in moral/technological advancement. The moral teachings and other enforcements are in place, the time has come to present to the world in an honest working far reaching way, the ideas that we are living in a simulation (via electronic, chemical, hypnotic, means) of a first experienced reality, that there is a communication with a race of blue/blue-grey elongated-cone headed flat-faced almond eyed beings (possibly of a non mammalian genus group), and that the governance of the world is in fact a method of restraint in these scenarios by an umbrella organisation for an umbrella cause, the so called 'New World Order'.

"...that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." - Disraeli, Prime Minister of England during Queen Victoria's reign.

Thank you for your consideration, * *

-end copy.

Item: World manipulators of the things only concerned with the things manipulated, they are relevant only to other world manipulators and those who choose ignorantly or non to go with them.

Item: secret and non secret international cabals be they of banking or mystic/religion concerns is only really relevant as a distraction, destroy all distractions, live clear.

Item: The current economic system that quantifies and retards the night. Imagining malicious secret cabals at every turn - what experience is that to have. Connecting the dots to oblivion. Dot to dot to dot to dot...

Item: in regards to the workings of the so called World Bank and the International Monetary fund (I.M.F.), is there pathology there? And if there is pathology with the so called World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and the like, then is this the 'great and terrible mask' that must 'preceed all great things' as F.W. Nietzsche posited in the nineteenth century?

Item: Various initiatory groups, secret groups, secret technology, secret/shadow governments are all products of evolutionary forces on our tribal communistic based life. Now is the time for secrets to rule over all our placements of the doing mind?

Item: Related issues; Mandaean ritual hand-shakes and other initiations. The Order of Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon (The Knights Templar). Worshipping John the Baptist as 'the Christ'. The mystery cults/schools of Osiris, Isis, gender based wisdom structures, and other esoteric traditions.

Item: "distractions... ...preventing people from paying too much attention to the realities of the social and political situation." - Aldous Huxley.

0.a Summary/conclusion.

Freemasonry is/was a form of communication between a populations members in the historically slower communication systems that were available in the past (i.e.; pre-literate masses/telephone/internet), Freemasonry allowed certain people to develop close ties and open channels of communication for business and other organisational properties (so-called 'old boys network'). Freemasonry membership is falling (as 2010), is the need for such an organisation over? Have the ideals of Freemasonry spread to the wider community enough for the culture of Freemasonry to be redundant? With the lack of religious freedoms in the so-called Middle ages certain ancient traditions needed to be kept secret, thus Freemasonry as a secret society did become an issue. Freemasonry as modernly perceived was a network devised by possibly multiple agencies unknown. A conglomeration of the ancient mason guilds, mysterious initiation sects/groups from various lands (primarily Levantine and the bell-beaker folk areas, stone henge traditions origins), a Knights Templar connection, and possibly an injection of lore by the so called Rosicrucians are popularly thought of as sources for the modern conception of Freemasonry (circa 1600's to now). Memory enchancing pictorial boards to instruct a members moral betterment. Inheritance of ancient mystery systems into the modern masonic era. Secretive for the operation of certain bodies to organise/communicate Freemasonry in a modern tool-form for ancient knowledge espousal (Levantine traditions found and other ancient sources/traditions) that is at odds with the organised churches of the Roman Catholic/para-zoroastrianic/Abrahamic/Protestant paradigm, namely, the importance of the Shekinah (light of the planets Venus and Mercury when conjoined) and the special/messiah process every 480/1440 years in accordance with the Shekinah. Freemasonry: The espousal of various texts that were not included in the Roman Church's Nicean 'Bible' and other astro-religious concerns. Of what is constructed in the wake of behind closed doors organisations. Of the great melting togetherness of the things entitled Jesuit, Freemasonry, Order of Illuminati (Bavarian) et cetera; to alight the signatures of behind closed doors mechanisations of secretive order and control. Evolution of civilization, religious notions and other organisations (even societies within societies). Again the insecure screaming's of birds. Cosmic dreams, webs in spirals, connections and connections, and connections within connections.

Notes on all texts:

Item: imagination is real, and the avatar is the 'physical'/material nexus manifestation of all the potential imaginings (the imagination is spirit?), be honest and control with righteous and good prayer-meditation to really understand all.

Item: That is the simulation whirled/world has common entities as vines, bricks, and birds &c that perform as "signs" to a point only explained via archetype control in a noo sphere/gaia organism/computer simulation/("spooky") quantum entanglement/G-d/God/gods/muses &c.

Item: That trauma inducing actions are used in espousal settings for these things as written here so as to control the information and give headance warp to the "powers that be".

Item: para/pan zarathustra/zoroastrianism as proto abrahamic religion – difference being knife sacrifice tricks underground as opposed to on a hill &c – systems using population control via oligarch R-complex fear/attraction tricks/traps/tropes/trips/taps - - ergo a small priest class using word of mouth and spectacle to control masses via sacred poren/harem prostitutes and death/property rage confiscations on all levels – see power behind the throne MAJI/magjik magisterial trope to all levels of arcetype action/story

Item: on text/language representations of/on anything: 'Possibly troubling a divisive point to our direct and actual time experience/s (time is matter, matter is time), in that text read in/at one point of time is deterministic to the whole entirety of time, though helpful at a/one point, created the un-helpful in the relationship to time and events and/in the seeking of a point of/for help/need of help (cause-consequence-resolution, the help and cause of need of help are linked via quantum stratum 'threads'; the mind and tell, all matter). Any mention of a riftual division between the one (whole) and the 'part' member of that one (whole, entirety) is another cause of division, and an 'illusion'. The rift/division are part of the one, the divisive factor is in fact only a pertainment part of the entirety, perception is the key to this paradigm. The words, and letters that make up the words that make up the sentences, that make up the paragraph, that make up the larger body of text are all one as sensed/used by the writer /reader relationships. All is one, and we are moving in it (all/one) (simulated life or a non simulated life, controlling/suggesting 'ghosts'/jinns' or non (from any sources (only one source really).

Appendix A.

See images related to the above articles at

Appendix B.

That when you delete a thing from the computer's so called 'recycle bin', it does not immediately vanish completely, but lingers on only minus a superficial link to the visual 'surface' reality. Such is life and death perhaps?

So called Narcissism is a form of paranoia in arogancia?

The amazing coincidences of people in a paranoid state are something to behold! Is this becuase there thinking is strengthened by primitive feelings and/or that the coincidences are always present we are just non in the right mental state to perceive them?

Paranoia is the secret key to being quick witted? Or non.

Nun (or Nu) and Maat: First cause and balance/justice: The great unmoving realms of the kosmos (Egyptian tradition).

Non plus ultra, ultra is now! Plus ultra, plus ultra.

The Sumerian-Egypto-Levantine traditions that have stayed with us into the modern religious eras.

The perfection of the annual count of days with the degrees of a circle; that the Moon in the current epoch almost excactly fills the Sun when in eclipse; the pentagram the orbit of Venus makes; the hexagonal storm on Saturn, all of these things are signs to the initiated and hints to the non, that we are living in an artificialy designed 'habitat'. Just how far the artificialality goes is something to ponder, and of course, who or what bulit 'it'.

Do non get caught up in any future do's appeal, live in the transcient now.

The questions of the meaning of existence or of our existence, is non easily answered, requireing multiple answers to file away in the unconscious ready for some day's relevance. The answer requires the understanding of three startling concepts: Transcience, complexity, and interconnectness; only then, do we have the key to understanding an existence.

The meaning of life, is, life itself.

I found G-d, through logic and reason, I came upon a path where the etymological roots of words carried great insight, thus I came upon that 'G-d' the word 'G-d', comes from the German meaning 'voice' or 'to invoke'. Everything else is nature, which includes G-d. And the collective inter-connected unconscious, it's rhyme, it's reason, makes us all a form of G-d.

Travelars of Menok!

Religions keep afloat the notion of a 'before', a come from place.

All the fables and myths are dream masks of the invisible ones guiding our souls to the holy truth.

The supposed realms of the dreams of the blue beings.

Oh all is forms of radiation - transmuted into various stages of morphology - an emanation from the mysterious prime moving establishmenta - which could be eternaly infinite - through a floaty faith we understand the eternal infinite.

In the returning seasons and cyclical rebirthing nature of the stars and galaxies, the universe has shown us perhaps the reflection of it's eternal cycle of compartmentalised origins and endings.

For the universe to have one begining and one end is doubtful, many beginings and many ends seems more likely. The mystery is immense. In time the exploration of such notions may grow, and sucseed our mysterious places of the soul.

It is good to celebrate the spheres celestial, and it is good to celebrate the flora and fauna and geology that surrounds us. We are a radiating wind of inter-causal relationships, we love each other and all that is about us.

A connection between computer machines and the universe's workings.

The notion that language is moving towards english, and yet originally came from english is an idea that stands some research. Be again cosmic excrement! In a supposed infinite universe, I say that we will live again, we may have a mostach we may have six toes, but we will live again, will we remember our previous selves?

at noon one should/could exclaim, 'it's straight up time!'.

That which is non to do with immediate sense experience and conscious thought is the so called unconscious, which is all knowing and a quantumly smeared space-time perception factory. Is it through the pineal gland, which some think as the third eye, or some other brain organ, do we connect with the unconscious and experience telepathy and even future sight?

Be pure and honest about yourself and your thoughts. Question your thoughts, question the authority and origins of your thoughts. Meditate and be as righteous and healthy as you can, and your third eye will open.

some traditions say that the universe 'knows' when your death approaches and prepares the soul for such an event through the unconscious, sometimes people are able to pick up this process, others non.

Presence and absense, flux of these things in universe life, the death wish of souls, the non comprehension of some unconscious thoughts, questions.

Deep relevances like in childhood blue master of dream reality pathways for need in a non-linear milieu pre-cognitiion of paranoid trivia scream 20 years muted returning to the abyssal place my mind can be free branching out like father tree Construct the destruction with melting masonry as the all time perception sees question mark, loose abraisive mind/soul felt conumdrums of missing words/coherence the feelings without words are our greatest masters mind glory wait out of character questions and acts, everything I do is my truth delete the tainted corruption allow the pure connection those who follow the light are alwas in darkness? absence and presence of energetic perceptions, my physical collection of juice of world reacting against the ends of nothings, mimic n, x ,y; z ultra, now, in a technological dream, removal find inter-connecting mixed up ribbons of colour/shape/sound feelings, we rush to the latest number, kissing a supposed slightly revealed doom with a full embrace of the body and mind, quiested by products left behind. Removal reaction relation retrograde revolution, blanc-noir reductions in a pink and brown humanoid world under a multi-viewed star. World of frothing abyssal change, paper null, crux and ingestible goals, surf peace and dive war. Bubbling and/or still to coherant relevances, unconscious dances of extended needs.

view from the Egyptian tradition; rebirth in the form of the crops and the returning seasonal harvest, a reflection of the universe’s returning cyclic will perhaps.

In buddhist concept of 'emptiness', I think something may of been lost/changed in the occidental translation; instead of emptiness, we have transcience, complexity and inter-connectness (inter-connectness which may be another way of expressing complexity?). The super notion of unborn space being the one true constant is only relevant space's potential and thereness, but always we have the inter-mingling energies, even in heat death model of the universe maybe it's all a matter of perspectual fractal kosmic relevances of living inside a cell of a larger/smaller entity relationship. Maybe there are life-forms that would see us as sub gluon/quark phenomena?

Pre-cognition and backwards causation are subtle and ingrained enough to be almost absolutely invisible, the very humming mechanisation of existence is alive in the future, in the present nowing, and in the past; memory, our ability to differentiate, all these psychic gifts are tools for the universe to appreciate the beauty of dirt, the power of dust.

You have the right to permit yourself of anything, you have your own permission to do anything you want to do.

With the upcoming so called holyday season so close, let us explore the associated notions: We have a great connection point of faith and traditions from around the globe; there's the annointing king making ceremony when certain astral bodies are in conjunction, there is Saint Nicholaus (Santa (saint) Claus (Nicholaus)) and his giving love, charity, and gifts to children (let's hope that's all he gave them), there is the scandinavian featured Odin with his big white beard and chasing reindeer in his wild hunt, and there is the Solstice, Winter in the northern hemisphere and Summer in the southern.

At supposed end of universe before the supposed 'crunch' model occurs, an entity sends out a seeding probe to survive this supposed 'crunch' end. It goes far out and escapes the terrible gravity pressures, maybe by other dimensional capabilities, the seed probe has rejuvenating nano assemblers on board, and when the 'big bang' again occurs this seeding probe returns to universe and seeds life.

As a thinking 'growing' person, I read and hear and experience about all sorts of religious forms, it's an eclectical process, and though one religious form was taught to me by my parents, teachers and others over the other religious forms, it was non reinforced by prejudice against the other religions; so now I regard myself as a fully informed being who sees all religions as clues and paths to the truth, which is this. That once there were tall cone-headed possibly blue coloured large almond eyed flat-faced beings, who came to earth, and genetically engineered a race of humans for working their mines, or some other reason; the cone-headed beings are now 'hidden' from the world, possibly to allow us to grow as self sufficiently as we can. The cone-headed beings can become known if you wish to know them, through ancient texts and imagery, and even perhaps through mysterious dreams.

Christmas thoughts; that Yohoshua/Jesu(s), was part of some Egypto-Venusian love cult, and through some public spectacle faikery, was able to espouse the ideas of love and tolerance to a brain crippled world of hidden fancies.

With the mimetismosmic mind do we venture forth into the froth of the mimetismosmic world and indeed the mimetismosmic universe.

'God' as two things, as web of language and law, as do's and say's influence on the do. And as legacy from an ancient visitation by an advanced culture, possibly extra terrestrial in origin, who gave us language, a more advanced physiology via genetic engineering, and some advice to follow (see co called Hindu scriptures + "Bible's' books Genesis, 'Exodus', and 'Leviticus'? And other various religious texts from around the world).

To be alive is to reflect the cosmos, to be dead is to be the cosmos.

Appendix c.

Let non these fraktoidal inter-positions listed above effect any pathos or passion in you oh dear other - be you reader or inter-seeder if that semantic disonania is where yr at in the OPR/FRUSTR frakus in 'n' to 'n'. Let us know haploidalism as those dear ones in the Red Tent gknow such things without need of fury nor funy!? OK INTEROBANG IZ WHERE ITZ AT. All seals are another's souls, all end iz mere more filamentoidalism to same situ as 'n' = 'n' eternally. May all frames of reference gknow L to S in the always 'n'.

'u', 'n', 'un'='O', '3 69 3 96 3' &c.

Stand korekted on any previous text's version glide/gate/gash & trip/trap/trope "izms".

Peace/Love (piece/luft) to all


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